Strategic Execution: Your Plan or Your Organization?

Strategic Execution: Your Plan or Your Organization?

By: Admin   |     November 22, 2014

mckay1118-231x292If your Strategic Execution™ is hit-and-miss, you are not alone—only 10% of all companies execute well to their strategies. There are lots of contributors to companies’ poor execution to strategy, but one that holds many back is organizational readiness. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL football team set a record for pro sports futility in its first two years—26 consecutive losses in 1976 and 1977. At a press conference after the record-breaking 20th loss the late John McKay, then the Buccaneer’s coach, was asked, “Coach, how do you feel about your team’s execution?” McKay quipped, “I’m in favor of it”… Do you ever feel that way about your organization? Your team probably does not want to fail—no one wakes up in the morning hoping to mess up. There may be any number of issues holding your organization back, limiting its ability to execute to your company’s strategy…

  • A core issue might be the strategy itself—your strategy may be unclear, or it’s fallen into disuse, is outdated.
  • Perhaps you have a clear, solid strategy, but related business results and performance to targets are not thought through or, are not shared with the organization in a consistent, timely, user-friendly fashion.
  • It may be that your top-level business results are shared effectively, but that you haven’t integrated these into functional objectives and people’s individual objectives and compensation, contributing to accountability issues in your company’s culture.

Businesses are the combination of strategy, information, know-how, processes, systems, capital and people—and the last one is the active ingredient in this mix. Whatever the cause(s) for your Strategic Execution issues, your organization and its readiness to execute are foundational to your success. We can help! Group 50® Strategic Planning Consulting Company‘s Company Physical™ is a great place to start. We’ll assess your relevant processes, employee skills, linkages to strategy, and the gaps between goals and results. We’ll deliver short, medium and long-term recommendations for significantly improving organizational processes and performance, all tied to and serving your strategy. Call us at (909) 949-9083, drop us a line at or request more information here. Stephen M. Sharpheads up Group50’s Strategic Execution practice. Steve has 30+ years’ leadership experience ranging from small private and nonprofit to Fortune 200 companies, across varied manufacturing categories. He is a seasoned C-level executive and board member. His expertise spans: Op’s Excellence; Org. & Employee Development; Strategic Planning & Execution; Marketing & Sales; and Product Development & Channel Management. Group50’s focus is working with our clients to develop a culture of effective strategic execution. Group50 takes a holistic approach to effective strategic execution utilizing proprietary methodologies and tools that are sustainable and scalable. We approach all projects with a focus on alignment, integration and optimization in support of the company’s strategic objectives.

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