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Organizational AlignmentOrganizational alignment to your strategic objectives is the first step in establishing a base of excellence in a company and moving towards higher levels of performance. Organizational alignment to a company’s strategic imperatives requires four things:

  • Clearly articulated strategies and tactics
  • Engagement of teams and employees
  • Accountability to performance objectives
  • A clear understanding of how everyone contributes to achieving the company’s strategic objectives

A company’s vision, mission, cultural and leadership objectives, and business strategies must be crystal clear and tied together. All stakeholders {employees, contractors, suppliers and temps} need to know how they contribute to the achievement of these objectives. That is the essence of moving your organization to higher levels of performance.

Group50® has developed various frameworks, methodologies and assessments and workshops to help you get the needs of the business clearly defined and cascaded throughout the organization: creating organizational alignment. Enabling tools such as Cascade help you implement a strategic execution process that measures the performance of teams and individual employees. Check out some or our recent projects here.

Talk to a Group50 Alignment expert at (909)-949-9083, send us an email at or request more information here.

One of the first steps to consider is a Performance Management Assessment.

Performance Management Assessment


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