Continuous Improvement – Lean Six Sigma Training


Group50 offers a full complement of training programs for Continuous Improvement programs.  Each of these training modules are customized to meet the needs of a company’s unique strategic requirements and come with a perpetual internal use license.  When we develop a training curriculum for a client, we develop a skills learning map and deliver the training JIT during project implementation.
Basic Training Modules
Each module is 3-4 hours based on the methodology of lean-apply-reflect. Learn the material, apply it to the shop floor or applicable area(s) and reflect on what went well and what needs to be done better.

  1. Introduction to Lean/Six Sigma/Continuous ImprovementLearning Maps To Grow Your Future Leaders
  2. Using Lean/Six Sigma/CI to Execute Business Strategy
  3. 5S
  4. Practical Problem-Solving
  5. Scoreboards
  6. After Action Review
  7. Control Point Standardization
  8. Preventive Maintenance
  9. Total Productive Maintenance
  10. Visual Management
  11. Standardize Work
  12. Error Proofing
  13. Process Mapping
  14. Kaizen
  15. Set-up Reduction
  16. Quality Mapping
  17. Material Flow Mapping and Delivery for Manufacturing and Distribution

Advanced Training Modules

  1. Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  2. Pull System (Kanban)
  3. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification for Manufacturing
  4. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification for Service Industries


  1. Lean Business Assessment
  2. Lean Manufacturing Assessment
  3. Continuous Improvement Assessment


  1. Creating The Business Case For Continuous Improvement
  2. Implementing Continuous Improvement
  3. Sustaining Continuous Improvement
  4. Six Sigma Planning, Project Selection and Chartering
  5. Kaizen Workshop

Group50 Blog articles on Lean/Six Sigma/CI

You can find out more about Group50’s customized training programs by calling a Group50 Continuous Improvement expert at +1 (909) 949-9083, dropping us a line at or requesting more information here.

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