12 Purchasing Best Practices
  • 12 Purchasing Best Practices

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Purchasing Best Practices were important to two supply chain optimization projects we recently completed for a University and a $400M manufacturer of consumer products. All companies purchase goods and services and have various organization structures, business processes and technology backbones for handling it.  In both projects, these were significantly different from each other. Irrespective …Read More

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  • What is Kaizen ?

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Kaizen is part of a Continuous Improvement strategy where stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees and contract workers) at every level work together to implement process improvements at the business level and on the shop floor.  These improvements may be …Read More

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  • What is a “ Brown Paper Exercise “ and What is its’ Value?

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Here are some facts to consider when deciding to add the Brown Paper Exercise to a Value Stream Mapping Project:

    …Read More

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    Preparing for a Downturn

    In Part V of the series on Driving Continuous Improvement, we discuss the importance of utilizing the right combination of Continuous Improvement tools. Once you have your program aligned with your business strategy and …Read More

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  • Driving Continuous Improvement: Part IV – Strategic Execution

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Many people believe that Continuous Improvement is a culture.  It certainly is in the eyes of the Japanese and many others, but is continuous improvement really a culture or something else? …Read More

    This entry was posted in Continuous Improvement, Driving Continuous Improvement Series, Strategic Execution, on February 20, 2018
  • Healthcare Performance Improvement – What’s the Target?

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Healthcare performance improvement and healthcare performance management are intertwined and require a holistic approach to setting the right targets and accountabilities.  The complexity of all the things healthcare teams need to be good at makes this a daunting task when going it alone. Hospitals need to excel in these primary areas: …Read More

    This entry was posted in Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, on January 15, 2018
  • Lean Techniques Improves Performance in Home Healthcare – Case Study

    Preparing for a Downturn

    This case study describes how a healthcare consulting team of process improvement experts, utilizing Lean Techniques, were able to help a home healthcare provider improve annual profitability by $900K, reduce overtime by 50%, increase productivity by 10% and increase revenue by 3%. …Read More

    This entry was posted in Case Studies, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, on December 16, 2017
  • Four steps to the Internet of Everything ( IoE )

    Preparing for a Downturn

    The Internet of Everything: 8.4 billion and $2 trillion!  Those are the estimated number of connected ‘things’ on the internet and the amount spent on these devices and services by the end of 2017, according to a Gartner study.  The number of connected things is expected to …Read More

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  • The Rise of Human Resource ( HR ) Analytics and the HR Role

    Preparing for a Downturn
      In God we trust. All others must bring data

    ~W. Edwards Deming~

    The above quote from W. Edwards Deming, widely considered as the father of quality management, tells the importance of data and its value for making decisions. The need for increased productivity requires that businesses have data-driven insights.  Data-driven insights have …Read More

    This entry was posted in Continuous Improvement, Information Technology, Organizational Development, Talent Management, on December 1, 2017
  • The Organizational Benefits of After Action Review ( AAR )

    Preparing for a Downturn

    After Action Review, Post Mortem, Critique… all are terms used to describe an assessment of a project, event or activity after said project is completed.  Our experience is that the After Action Review process is an important continuous improvement tool especially for major transformative activities such as the implementation of new digital technologies (software systems, user tools, etc.), …Read More

    This entry was posted in Continuous Improvement, Organizational Development, on November 28, 2017

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