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Strategic Execution

90% of companies don’t effectively implement their strategies, because of a lack of a effectively implemented strategies, business processes and objectives throughout the entire organization. Group50® brings highly skilled operating professionals who are experts in strategic execution to every project we undertake with the flexibility to support a client as consultants, advisers, coaches, board members and interim executives.
Our advantage is what we bring to the table:
  • A holistic view of the business that provides leadership with a deeper understanding of core issues in the business
  • Tools and methodologies for developing strategic plans, tactics and programs that are focused on the idealStrategy 5.0 requires optimizing a business at the intersection of people, process, information technology and cobotics along with a robust organizational development program following the Group50 change management framework called the Business Hierarchy of Needs future state for a company
  • Solutions that are implementable, sustainable, scalable and focus on the intersection of people, processes, technology and cobotics
  • We work hand in hand with our clients through implementation – teaching new skills and approaches so that when our assignment is done, the client teams can continue their improvement projects
  • We are designed to be the only consulting partner a company will need, because we provide:
    • Bench strength to augment a client’s resource
    • Board members, interim executives, consultants, advisers, business and personal coaches
    • Subject matter experts in every functional discipline
    • A network of world class subject matter experts that can deal with ANY PROBLEM a client may encounter
  • A business case supporting our solutions

Group50® has developed unique Strategic Execution, Change Management and Performance Management tools for insuring successful implementations of our recommendations. We believe that sustaining high levels of performance and developing a “Culture of Strategic Execution™” is driven by clearly articulated strategies, optimized business processes, objective setting, accountability and continuous improvement. It is no more complex than that.

As we work on projects with our clients, we rigorously test our activities against the Business Hierarchy of Needs® , a framework developed by Group50 and applicable to any organization, industry or group.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, we work with our clients to identify strategic and operational gaps inside the company, design solutions to deal with then and work closely with various teams in the organization through the implementation.

We couple our work with unique methodologies, software tools such as Cascade and over 50 assessments and workshops that are part of our Company Physical®.  All of these have been developed with the functional expertise of our consultants delivering project results that are sustainable and scalable. We routinely deliver an ROI that is greater than 10x of the cost of a project.

We have multiple specialties in critical business areas:

  1. Strategic Execution
  2. Lean Manufacturing and Distribution
  3. Continuous Improvement:  Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping
  4. Digital Transformation and Industrial Transformation
  5. Organizational development
  6. Global Initiatives
  7. Mergers, Acquisitions, Integration
  8. Market Effectiveness

Group50 consultants have the functional and technical experience to work with our clients in any area of our Business Hierarchy of Needs®, assuring them that our combined efforts will realize superior results throughout their business. Our clients can rely on us to provide continuing support on any project, in every area of their business, because we don’t like projects that don’t include implementation components.

Talk to an expert in Strategic Execution and Change Management at (909)-949-9083, send us an email at, or request more information here.

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