Manufacturing & Distribution Consultants
Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing & Distribution Consultants

Global manufacturing and distribution are two things every company must master.  These value-added activities, part of the broader supply chain, need to be responsive, scalable, sustainable, resilient and cost effective. As global supply chains become more complex and customers become more demanding, it is imperative that a company and its organization have the appropriate strategies, tools and organization in place. 
Group50’s Manufacturing & Distribution Consultants have worked in dozens of industries on projects optimizing manufacturing facilities and distribution centers for companies ranging in size from start-up to Fortune 50. Our integration work with Private Equity firms has proven our ability to do more with less.
We work with our clients to optimize work cells, improve material flow, define automation and cobotics opportunities, implement visual management tools, redesign factories, restructure manufacturing footprints, implement consolidations, design and implement CI/Six Sigma programs and serve a host of other client needs. With the addition of our Digital Supply Chain Technology practice, we can truly focus leveraging technology to deliver optimal performance.  We routinely work with clients to create requirements for new digital technology systems and assist them in selecting vendors and implementation. 
Group50 deploys a proprietary Total Cost of  Ownership model that is uniquely focused on manufacturing and distribution.  It provides a realistic view of the cost of various optimization approaches. Our Lean Business program identifies additional waste in cost, people lead time, etc. Group50 deploys a full suite of continuous improvement programs, tools and skills.
Our projects routinely deliver double digit improvements through improved quality, increased throughput, lower working capital and decreased lead times.

Group50’s mission is “To be the only consulting partner needed by middle market companies”. In order to support that mission, we have become a full service consulting company with consultants who are subject matter experts in every functional discipline.  We provide adjunct resources to complement client teams who have all they can handle with their day to day jobs. On average, our consultants have over 20 years of operating experience with world class companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 and provide unique insights because of their past positions as operating professionals and executives.

Unlike other consulting companies, the depth of operating experience our consultants have, provides a significant advantage to our clients. Using proprietary consulting methodologies, assessments, workshops and training modules that are part of our Company Physical® we work hand in hand with the members of a client’s organization from conception until the project is completed. We provide services in the following practice areas:

Group50 provides our clients in with:

  1. Subject Matter Experts
  2. Project consultants
  3. Program managers
  4. Interim executives
  5. Board members and advisers

Our commitment is to leave client teams with the knowledge and skills to continue forward without us.

Group50® has created a series of assessments, tools, methodologies and workshops that quickly identify strategic and operating gaps inside the company.  Our roots are in Manufacturing and Distribution, but many of our continuous improvement and business process redesign methodologies are being used in many other industries and projects as well. We have significant expertise in working with companies to develop long term manufacturing and distribution strategies and implement them.

Our manufacturing & distribution consultants also have worked on multiple projects to revamp product development processes assuring shortened times to market, lower cost and reduced risk.

It’s not unusual for our projects to realize 50% reductions in lead time, significant improvements in quality, 20-40% reductions in deployed capital for inventory and over 10% improvements in productivity.

Find out more about Group50, call us at (909) 949-9083, send an email to or request more information here.

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