Exit Planning Consultants
Exit Planning Consultants

Exit Planning Consultants

90% of owners do not have a written exit planning strategy, while 57% of business owners are unsure of how they are going to exit their business or transition into a new role.

All business owners need to have a plan that is written down, as well as the appropriate partners to help execute it. They need to Manage Their Business Like They are Going to Sell it Tomorrow. You owe it to yourself, your family and the employees who have made you and your business successful.

Exit Planning Consultants
Click here to listen to an interview with Jim Gitney, Group50 CEO on Exit and Transition Planning.

For owners who are over the age of 55, this is especially critical. Business owners need to begin the planning process several years before they exit the business or transition to a new role.

Lots of people claim to be exit planning specialists: Accountants, Life Insurance brokers, financial planners, wealth managers and a host of others, but their view is usually short sighted with a focus on what they are selling.

Our Exit Planning process is different and unique

We start out by creating two strategic plans:

  1. The owner’s strategic plan which defines what they want from their exit which could include many different things such as taking cash off the table, cash flow during their retirement, transitioning into a new role doing what they love to do, passing ownership to family members, elevating children to the C-Suite, being an executive board member, selling the company outright or a combination of the above.
  2. Once the owner’s strategic plan is complete, we build a strategic plan for the business that is focused on the owner’s strategies. This significantly increases the probability of success.

Owners need to think about how they are going to maximize the enterprise value of their business and prepare it for their eventual exit or transition. It is a complex and emotional process that requires foresight and effective execution. One of the first steps in the process is assessing your readiness.

We have put together a no obligation Exit Planning or Transition Readiness Assessment. This Assessment covers the main areas owners should be focused on and provides a business owner with significant insight on their readiness to execute the most important decision of their professional career. You can take the Assessment now by clicking on the following link:

Exit Planning or Transition Readiness Assessment

The presentation below offers some additional thoughts on the planning process. You can also download this presentation using the link at the bottom of the page.

Effectively Planning an Exit or Transition: Part II from Jim Gitney

Most owners have trusted legal and accounting advisers, but do not have a trusted operational adviser who can help them create and implement the two strategies:

  1. The owner(s)’ individual strategies
  2. Business wide strategic plan which delivers the owner(s)’ strategies

We have worked with many owners to help them articulate their 3-5 year vision, create strategic plans around that vision and effectively implement it.

Group50,s Exit Planning Consultants specialize in exit planning and working with the owners of closely held companies who have a vision for their company and themselves. All of us at Group50® have many years of experience as C-level executives, coaches, and advisers.

Along with our strategic partners, we provide business owners with the expertise required to develop their exit strategy and be sure that the business strategy supports those needs. We take it a step further and work with the owners, the company, and their planning partners to assure effective execution of the plan.

The first step is to take the readiness assessment here, then talk to an exit planning consultants expert at (909)-949-9083, drop us a line at info@group50.com or request more information here.

We have prepared this short presentation for you to acquire more insight on this topic.

Exit Planning Consultants

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