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Manufacturing and supply chain performance dictates a company’s success. The ability to be responsive, have high quality and low cost significantly impacts a company’s financial performance and their customers. In today’s global enterprises, lean six sigma manufacturing and supply chain tools and techniques have changed dramatically, yet many companies aren’t aware of “what is possible”.

Lean Manufacturing Assessment Overview

In this assessment, Group50, a Lean Manufacturing Consulting Company will look closely at a company’s supply chain (raw material to delivered product) and identify how it performs against global best practices with a focus on speed, quality, cost, productivity and sustainability. We will also look closely at how well positioned the supply chain and manufacturing facilities are to support the company’s Strategic Objectives.


  1. Review business strategy
  2. Identify strategic supply chain GAPs
  3. Identify the GAPs between the current operation of the company’s supply chain and global lean manufacturing best practices
  4. Review performance of operations: capability, layout, productivity, quality, OEE, scheduling and other critical operational activities
  5. Create a set of short-medium-long term recommendations that will provide a company with a clearly defined roadmap for implementing lean manufacturing, lowering cost, improving productivity and realizing better supply chain performance

Length of Assessment 4+ days (Depending size, number of facilities and locations)

  • Pre-work collecting data
  • On site work reviewing critical supply chain processes, manufacturing facilities, productivity, quality and key performance indicators

Focus of Assessment

  1. Manufacturing and Supply Chain strategy
  2. Delivery performance and Lead time
  3. Just in time vs Agile supply chain strategies
  4. Supply chain skills and capabilities: Purchasing, Vendor management
  5. Effectiveness of deployed supply systems
  6. Continuous improvement programs
  7. Labor efficiency, throughput, material flow, deployed working capital (VMI, Inventory Turns, CapX
  8. Quality performance of internal operations and vendors
  9. Logistics
  10. Manufacturing facility effectiveness (housekeeping, flow, set-up, flexibility)


  • Data review
  • Interviews with supply chain leaders
  • Plant and facility tours
  • Financial Analysis


The Lean Manufacturing Assessment report will provide a strategic and operating gap analysis of the methods utilized by a company to operate its supply chain and compare it to best practices. It will also provide a set of short-medium-long term recommendations on how to create a sustainable lean manufacturing program that will meet the company’s strategic needs, be more cost effective, have higher quality, better lead times and reduced working capital requirements.

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