Business Hierarchy of Needs


Group50’s Business Hierarchy of Needs® focuses on the elements of of developing a culture of strategic execution.  It is a compilation of three levels of activities that make up the core components of an effective strategic execution process. Every organization does the things in the Business Hierarchy of Needs to some degree.  The difference between organizations that have a culture of strategic execution and others who don’t is the disciplined methodology they follow. Migrating to a culture of strategic execution is a methodology that has sequenced levels. The diagram below outlines the basic tenets of the activities required in a disciplined methodology.Business-Hierarchy-of-NeedsAs shown, there are three levels of activity that are required. The three levels are:

  • Data gathering, strategic planning, the assessment of strategic gaps and operating gaps and goal setting
  • Acquiring resources and developing skill sets that are capable of implementing the strategies and tactical objectives defined in the strategic plan
  • Continuously improving business processes, products and services to meet the needs of all of the company’s stakeholders including shareholders, the board of directors, customers, employees, contract workers and suppliers

At Group50 we apply this process to every project we undertake and use the Business Hierarchy of Needs as the underpinning for every implementation roadmap workshop we facilitate with our clients.  You can read more about the Group50 Business Hierarchy of needs here.

You can request more information here, email info@group50.com, or call (909) 949-9083 for more information. 

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