Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) Services

Every business has some form of Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) that is the backbone of their business.  Large enterprises have long recognized the competitive advantage that Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) provide. PC and mobile based applications along with Software as a Service cloud offerings have brought all these capabilities within the reach of the entire spectrum of middle market companies and made the decision making process very complex.  

Enterprise Resource Planning is the efficient integration of the processes and systems that efficiently produce and deliver a company’s products and services.  Enterprise software systems, when chosen properly are used to facilitate this.  As middle market companies grow, their enterprise systems are often a patchwork quilt of different software systems and they struggle with disjoint components and operations that just won’t scale and frustrate leadership, employees and customers. The solution is to assess current software systems and understand what is needed to have a digital technology backbone that is both scalable and sustainable.

Group50’s approach is to map existing software systems, see how well they align with business strategy, support basic business needs and how cost effective they are.  By understanding where strategic and operating gaps exist, we then work with our clients to create an ERP roadmap that will cost effectively deliver the company’s strategies. 

The ERP roadmap must include requirements for planning production, master scheduling, materials requirement, customer service, sales and operations, capacity requirements, financial and accounting processes, governance and regulatory compliance.  The roadmap must also include an understanding of the Total Cost of Ownership for both the current state and the future state of your company.

Senior leaders should be asking some fundamental questions about their current enterprise systems, including:

  1. How well do your existing systems fit these requirements and are they aligned with our business strategies?
  2. How cost effective are they?
  3. Will they allow us to leverage technology for our next wave of productivity?
  4. How do I make our enterprise systems a revenue center?

If they can be better integrated or customized to meet your strategic needs, address the gaps and lower your Total Cost of Ownership, then a new ERP system may be in your future state.

Group50’s Digital Technology assessment and workshops, which are part of our Company Physical® help you systematically arrive at the right decisions and implementation roadmap(s). We pull together the right mix of IT personnel, business process owners and vendors to understand the current state, develop a roadmap to the future state and plan its’ implementation. 

Our workshops also bring together cross-functional teams to produce a comprehensive implementation roadmap that covers:

  • Requirements Planning
  • Requests for Quotes
  • Vendor Selection
  • Establishing the PMO
  • Project Planning
  • Team Development
  • Training
  • Conference Room Pilot
  • Performance Testing
  • Change Management
  • Business Process Redesign

Our consultants can lead the charge, or guide you as you shortlist products and vendors, prepare the RFP and complete the selection process. Markets constantly evolve, and consequently so do your ERP needs.  Companies should periodically review implementation performance and development plans to address operational and system gaps as well as plan for further leveraging of system capability through the addition of new functionality or business process redesign. 

Group50’s ERP Audit workshop builds on the original assessment to help you quickly stay in tune with market demand and head off the competition.

Find out more about how we can help you streamline operations and operations with a robust ERP backbone by contacting us at (703) 201-3936, sending us an email at info@group50.com or snene@group50.com, or requesting more information here.

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