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  • 95% of a company’s employees are unaware of, or do not understand its strategy
  • 90% of companies do a poor job executing their strategy 
  • 85% of executive leadership teams spend less than one hour per month discussing their unit’s strategy, with 50% spending no time at all  
  • 60% of organizations don’t link their financial budgets to strategic priorities
  • 99% of companies don’t have a Most Important Goal – MIG, or fully understand their value proposition
  • 24% of companies are implementing the realities of the digital transformation and industrial transformation required by Industry 5.0

The above statistics indicate that every senior leadership team can be more effective at strategic planning and strategic execution. 

  1. Market needs and positioning
  2. Products and services
  3. Digital transformation
  4. Organizational requirements
  5. Supply chain optimization
  6. Strategic roadmaps

Creating a robust strategic plan for a company, especially those companies who have hit an economic or growth Inflection Point requires a well thought through approach that allows a company to reinvent itself.



Group50’s Strategic Planning playbook, follows our Business Hierarchy of Needs® change management framework consisting of three primary levels:

  1. Data Analysis and Planning
  2. Knowledge and Change Management
  3. Implementation

Group50® utilizes a robust set of strategic planning tools that are designed to develop a comprehensive and integrated strategic plan that builds clarity and consensus for all stakeholders (customers, employees, contract workers and vendors) in the following areas: Most Important Goal (MIG), Mission, Vision, Values, Value Proposition, Key Business Levers, Financial Goals, “Where To Play”, “How To Win”, Human Capital and Digital technology. You can read more about this approach in a newly published book by our CEO, Jim Gitney – “Strategy Realized – The Business Hierarchy of Needs® – Turning Strategy Into Results”.

Our strategic planning process is done in person and virtually in sprints which allows more time for a broader group of stakeholders to “Work On The Business”, improving buy-in, change management and strategic execution. Through our process, every level of the organization participates in the development and execution of strategy. It takes a bit longer and is more expensive, but the statistics indicate that most companies waste the money they spend anyway.

When we complete the development of a strategic plan and roll it out, via our unique approach to Strategic Execution, every stakeholder will understand their role in its implementation and their accountability metrics. We insure that Anti-Strategy doesn’t exist in a company.

Strategic Planning Consultants

Our Strategic Planning Consultants are experienced in the development and implementation of business strategies as a result of their real-world experience in corporate America. Each of our consultants have over 20 years of senior operating experience. They come from many industries and functional backgrounds, and they understand the challenging requirements of Industry 5.0. Group50® has developed a proven strategic planning process that utilizes the “Where to Play” (Market Facing), and “How To Win” (Operational) methodology.  The development of a strategic plan for the first time or its yearly reiteration needs to follow a consistent process such as the one shown above.

As you can see, our holistic methodology encourages senior leadership teams to look at their strategic needs as well as the strategic and operating gaps in their business processes and organization.  We focus on leveraging the intersection of people, process and technology for your next wave of productivity.

We facilitate the development of strategies, strategic roadmaps and implementation through the assessments and workshops that are part of our process:

Group50® Strategic Planning Consultants have written numerous articles about strategy and its execution in the following categories: Strategy 5.0, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Execution

Contact us at (909) 949-9083, send an email at, or request additional information about our unique and very successful approach to strategic planning and execution here.



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