Automation isn’t just about eliminating labor, it is also about improving quality, throughput, lower cost and repeatability. It is about connecting machines, people and systems in new ways that will provide the lowest possible cost: the definition of Industry 4.0.  Our automation and systems integration experts keep up with the fast-paced changes in technology and compare technologies and approaches to suit your specialized need. We work hand in hand with your team to develop a well thought through road map that is flexible and manageable. It doesn’t matter if the automation is focused on product, process, set-up, measurement, maintenance, inspection, labeling or just old fashioned material movement.

Our process for turning ideas and needs into cost effective, scalable and reliable automation is exactly the same.  Our automation experts are backed by Group50 resources that can rethink how other parts of the business are impacted by automation including the supply chain, product design, organization structure and required skills. We take a holistic approach to automation, systems integration and predictive analytics.

Group50 has the team that can develop automation solutions in manufacturing, distribution, logistics, the supply chain and anywhere else in your business.  See a logistics example here. Business process automation is one or our specialties.  Our automation team utilizes various approaches to assessing strategic needs, the current state of operations, products and business processes. This enables us to effectively work with your team to develop a well through automation roadmap that includes appropriate change management recommendations. We simulate automation approaches, material flow on the shop floor and cost prior to making any final recommendations. In the case of product automation, we look closely at how the product is designed for automation and make recommendations on improving product design which will increase the probability of automation success.

Group50’s automation shop in Colorado is capable of designing and building automation and we have developed strong relationships with leading automation manufacturers from around the world.  This capability is what makes our automation team so effective.  We have the capability to assess your current needs, lead automation workshops to create the appropriate roadmap, design, build and implement the roadmap including systems integration.

These steps assure the project team that their recommendations will yield the expected throughput and financial results.  Talk to a Group50 automation and systems integration expert today by calling (909) 949-9083, sending a note to or requesting more information here.

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