Organizational Company Physical
Organizational Company Physical

Organizational Company Physical

Every successful business has process excellence as one of their objectives. Companies audit their financials every year and should also audit their critical business processes from the perspective of best practices and performance. Group50®‘s Company Physical® consists of process assessments that provide insights to the performance of key cross-functional processes.

Each one is based on best practices that we have learned from our professional careers and from the many clients we have worked with. In each assessment, we will review the quality of the process, the skill levels of the employees in that process, the effectiveness of the process steps and the focus of the process on supporting corporate objectives and effective performance measurement. The assessment report will include a gap analysis and a series of short, medium and long term recommendations for significantly improving organizational processes and performance.

Group50® has developed the following organizational assessments:

Organization Assessment, Design and Development

Utilizing Group50’s Organizational Company Physical, a company can understand where the strategic and operational gaps are in their organizational policies and procedures. We will provide a series of recommendations on how to align the organization to the overall strategic objectives of the company. For each assessment, we have a workshops that are designed to engage senior leadership in developing a plan to address the assessment gaps and implement global best practices.

To find out more about one of our company physicals, call (513) 508-0351, send an email to or request more information here.

You can find our more about our Operational Company Physicals here.


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