Human Resources Assessment - Employee Practices

The Human Resources Assessment focuses on the employee practices, policies and procedures that are the foundation of the operation and culture of any company. The HR Assessment will inspect, review and analyse the key systems and then compare them to what is considered best practices within the company’s industry and size. Any identified gaps will highlight areas for in-depth assessment and improvement plans.


  • Define the gaps between the existing employee practices, business processes and those required to deliver the company’s business results and/or bring policies and procedures into compliance.

Length of Assessment: 4-5 days

  • 1 day pre-work collecting data
  • 2-3 days on site interviewing the subject matter experts to compare written procedures with actual practice
  • 1-2 days reviewing/analyzing the key policies, processes, systems and creating an actionable employee best practices plan

Focus of Audit

  • Recruiting/Hiring Practices
  • On-boarding and Employee Handbook
  • Performance Management and Evaluation systems
  • Cultural and Change Management systems
  • Succession and Career Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Compensation, Bonus, Incentive, Commission and Benefits programs
  • Training and Employee Development
  • Vision, Mission, Values alignment and utilization
  • HRIS System and usage
  • Diversity and Inclusion programs


  • Data review
  • Interviews
  • Audits of existing Systems, Policies and Procedures

The assessment report will provide a gap analysis of the Human Resources and Employee Practices processes, procedures and system and provide a set of recommendations along with a roadmap on how the company can ensure they are in compliance. The recommendations will provide a roadmap that will identify how to lay the foundation for a strong, successful culture and highly engaged workforce.

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