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Product Manager Training

Product Manager Training

Workshop Overview Each company has a unique product management process. It requires that product managers have a unique set of skills which include the ability to navigate cross functionally as well as properly lead and manage a product portfolio. In this product manager training workshop, the product manager will be introduced to the skills that are required to support the company’s product management process and to classic tools used by product managers in world class companies. This workshop requires the “Product Management Design Workshop” having been completed or that the company has a clearly defined product management process.

Objectives Training product managers in the skill sets required to properly navigate through the company’s product management process and introduce product managers to various tools that will help them be successful.

  • What is product management in our company?
  • Product Management Process
  • Product Platforms and Strategic Planning
  • Product Life Cycle Management (sales, service, support, disposal)
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Ideation and Developing a Business Case
  • Configuration Management and Mass Customization
  • Project Management
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Relationship Maps: Management, Cross Functional, Customer
  • Performance Management, Expectations, Metrics
  • Define Responsibility vs. Authority vs. Accountable

Length of Workshop 3 – 4 days during a week or over a multi-week period with assignments given to participants to complete prior to next session

Who Should Attend Business Unit Managers and product managers

Participants Should Include Product managers, marketing, sales, engineering, manufacturing and finance personnel who will be supporting the product management function

Expected Results At the end of the product manager training workshop, product managers will fully understand their role in the organization for planning and managing a product portfolio. They will have been introduced to the critical tools required to successfully navigate product proposals, product life cycle management and the other tools introduced. They will have completed assignments for their product portfolio during the workshop and have reviewed it with their counterparts.

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