As ideas evolve, hand sketches turn into concepts and budgetary figures. The Group50 automation mindset is to build a common bridge where we design IoE data controls and data acquisitions platforms that make sense for your job because we are not vendor or technology specific. We are capable of product design, 3D printing, control panel fabrication, CNC programming, mold making, automation design, system design and implementation of any size project ranging from small work cell projects to entire automation lines.


Our systems integration expertise includes the ability to design systems for Industry 4.0, the IoE of everything and utilize that data to create functional analytics that are retrospective, prospective, predictive and prescriptive. We bring out important KPI’s  and create the analytics and intelligence to understand what needs to be done in the near future. Operators should be able to look up work instructions, see the delivery dates, find out who else is part of the project, communicate on the floor using messaging utilizing networked devices.  Performance, quality, logistics, asset tracking, approvals, rework and time studies are now at your fingertips with Group50 Automation and Systems Integration resources.


In 2018 Group50 invested in a 3D printing farm where Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate initiatives (CDIO) converge. We have a nice lineup of multi head precision 3D Carbon Fiber Printers that can build parts for your automation set in hours not days or weeks. Group50 has the capability to print prototype and small batch production parts and work with your team to put together an additive manufacturing strategy. Need higher precision, bigger parts? We have one premier vendor in Asia that we have qualified that gets those jobs done and on a plane fast. We have strategic partners who have unlimited fabrication capabilities that can get you precision parts at a great price. Too big for air freight? we have a long list of large part builders we have worked with in the USA that we source parts with every year.


We work closely with several robotic programming solutions that can assemble, simulate and write code much faster than traditional robotic and PLC programming methods.  Its a drag and drop world. Our CAD/CAM/CAE skills range from managing the complexities of large assemblies to product design and Class-A surfacing. Need to evaluate and prove ideas prior to production? We will collaborate with your engineers and help them quickly move things into 3D simulations so you’re not finding problems out on the shop floor when the system goes live.


Group 50 has professionals on staff who are experienced in programming CNC machines: mills & lathes, PLC’s, 6-axis robotic machining, robotic coatings, Swiss Screw Machines, CMM systems, sheet metal. We also have the ability to design and build

  • Custom control panels
  • Injection, blow and rotational molds as well as ceramic mold making
  • Machine enclosures
  • Simple conveying systems


Many times, managing automation jobs is a daunting task. We have managed hundreds of automation jobs and utilize cloud based solutions for collaboration that bring everyone together. Factory planners, machinists, work flow specialists can see and weigh in on our progress in a real-time environment.  Group50 has decades of industrial automation, layout, product design and prototyping skills that are available to your automation team. Our solution is scalable because we work with vendors who can bring additional horsepower to the table. If you to have one source that manages all vendors and all aspects of the project, we have the resources required to project manage the entire project and get your production line up and running.


Talk to a Group50 automation and systems integration expert today by calling (909) 949-9083, sending a note to or requesting more information here.

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