• Group50® Recaps 2018, Announces Addition of Lara Abrams to the Group50 Team

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    Preparing for a Downturn

    February 11, 2019 – (Upland, CA) – Group50, a privately-held, full-service supply chain consultancy founded in 2004 is pleased to recap its 2018 results and announce the addition of Lara Abrams to its team of executives.  …Read More

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  • The Need for Technology Succession Planning

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Most organizations do Leadership Succession Planning at some level of effectiveness. Very little has been written about the need for incorporating technology succession planning and while technology leadership is part of the standard succession planning model, little is done about succession planning and skills development for subject matter experts, their supporting teams and successive upgrades and new technologies. Teams …Read More

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  • What is Kaizen ?

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Kaizen is part of a Continuous Improvement strategy where stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees and contract workers) at every level work together to implement process improvements at the business level and on the shop floor.  These improvements may be …Read More

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  • Developing an IoT strategy for your business

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Most companies are struggling to identify the value of IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain in their business. That is partly due to the relationship between Strategy and IoT. While there is a need to have an IoT strategy, it needs to be a subset of the ultimate business strategy. IoT is an enabling technology that allows the business to rethink it strategy, how it goes to market and the product road (goods and services) that IoT enables.  As a result, …Read More

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  • What is a “ Brown Paper Exercise “ and What is its’ Value?

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Here are some facts to consider when deciding to add the Brown Paper Exercise to a Value Stream Mapping Project:

    …Read More

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