• Does Your Business Have a Robust Social Networking Strategy?

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Every leadership team should be asking questions about their social networking strategy. They wonder how Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, CRM, Sales Force, Customer Portals, Websites, Blogs and other platforms can be utilized for business development purposes. We have been developing those thoughts at Group50 for the last 14+ years.  We have spoken with hundreds of companies, and have found a wide disparity between their efforts and the type of business they are in. Although not a formal study, our general findings are as follows: …Read More

    This entry was posted in Case Studies, Market Effectiveness, Strategic Execution, on February 11, 2017
  • 5 Reasons Why Strategic Execution Fails

    Preparing for a Downturn

    I read a blog posting from our strategic execution partner Cascade about the reasons strategic execution fails.   To summarize, they are:

    1. Starting too early
    2. A lack of specificity
    3. A lack of honesty
    4. Resistance to change
    5. Lack of Rigor

     More importantly, …Read More

    This entry was posted in Anti-Strategy, Strategic Execution, on February 6, 2017
  • Doing Business in Mexico vs. China: Strategic

    Preparing for a Downturn


    Well, things have shifted in the past weeks, haven’t they?  And even more so for Mexico and the topic at hand:  Trade and Investment Awareness. 

    It is no secret that for many years now Mexico has been heavily investing in boosting global awareness regarding welcoming investments to our country and it has definitely paid off.  In the past 2 years Mexico …Read More

    This entry was posted in Global Initiatives, Mexico, on January 22, 2017
  • Why Hire a Strategic Planning Consultant?

    Preparing for a Downturn

    Successful enterprises across the globe have leveraged on the vast experience, in-depth knowledge and understanding of a strategic planning consultant that is capable of working with senior leadership on strategic execution: been there, done that.  This effort is a cornerstone of gaining competitive advantage and thriving in highly competitive marketplaces. An effective strategic planning consultant helps …Read More

    This entry was posted in Anti-Strategy, Exit Planning and Transition, Global Initiatives, Manufacturing and Distribution, Market Effectiveness, Organizational Development, Strategic Execution, on November 8, 2016
  • Utilizing Continuous Improvement Tools at the Business Level  

    Preparing for a Downturn

    There have been many articles written about continuous improvement in manufacturing processes, but there isn’t a lot of information and understanding about the use of continuous improvement tools at the business level: including the ones that purportedly have continuous improvement or Six Sigma programs in place.  In many of the organizations that we work in, when you speak to business process leaders about continuous improvement they …Read More

    This entry was posted in Continuous Improvement, Strategic Execution, on September 13, 2016
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