Objectively Picking The Right Manufacturing Location
  • Objectively Picking The Right Manufacturing Location

    Is picking the right manufacturing location purely an objective exercise or is it subjective as well? The answer is yes to both. The objective side clearly affects your P&L, while the subjective side effects the risk to your P&L. In choosing the right manufacturing location it is important to do the analysis with 4 key objectives in mind. They are as follows: …Read More

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  • Solemn Memorial Day

    I am not going to wish you “Happy Memorial Day”, I am going to wish all of us a “Solemn Memorial Day”.
    During this weekend, I have been touched by the thought of Freedom. Over the last 16 months, we have not been “totally” free. We have tasted what it is like to be restricted in our freedoms, reminded of what it must be like for billions of people around the world who can’t enjoy the freedoms we expect and mostly take for granted. The pandemic, like many other attempts to restrict our freedoms is behind us, but not for billions of people around the globe.

    …Read More

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  • Doing Business in Mexico: Mexico’s Legal System

    Mexico’s legal system is a result of the 1910 revolution and the subsequent promulgation of its Federal Constitution on February 5, 1917. Although historically influenced by the legal systems of Spain, France, and the United States, Mexico has been able to structure and maintain a distinct legal system that incorporates truly unique Mexican components. Mexico’s legal system is a civil law system but not as it exists in other civil law countries.

    Patterned after the United States, …Read More

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  • Brexit and The Impact on Business Strategy

    On Friday 6/25, we awoke to the screaming headlines about the citizens of the UK voting to leave the EU.  Brexit was a reality.  All the experts and the polls were wrong!  Leading up to this there was tremendous volatility in financial markets and uncertainty about the impact of Brexit on global financial markets and business.  Business executives that we have been working with have displayed the “deer in the headlights” look: strategically frozen in place while waiting to see what happens.  Now what?  …Read More

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  • Customer Service Excellence Through Value Stream Mapping

    Every organization views Customer Service as a critical function for their business.  It has a significant impact on your Voice of the Customer (VOC).  Customer service is on the front line of interfacing with the customer, but it isn’t the only function that interfaces with your customers.  Finance, Shipping, Sales and Marketing also play an important role in customer service.  The Customer Service group acts  …Read More

    This entry was posted in Continuous Improvement, Market Effectiveness, Value stream mapping, Weekend Thought, on June 10, 2016
  • China vs. Mexico

    The importance of proximity to the customer is a greatly recognized principle that can derive tangible benefits for any organization that desires to improve market synergies.  China vs. Mexico is quickly becoming a market proximity consideration.  The results can be multiple fold.  First, proximity increases customer loyalty, it gives the organization greater flexibility to execute changes faster and adapt based on the voice of the customer.  The ultimate result …Read More

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  • Business Restructuring : Operational and Financial

    Every company is faced with some type of restructuring activity during its history.   The restructuring process is painful and often unsuccessful.  There are two basic types of restructuring:  financial and operational.  Financial restructurings are often a result of poor operational performance and the reality that the management team has not responded quickly enough to changing business dynamics. In this case, a wall to wall cost takeout is called for. Often, the need to restructure is a gut reaction by senior management in response to perceived weaknesses in the business.  This article focuses on operational restructuring and the process for planning and successfully implementing it.

    …Read More

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  • The Executive Conundrum With Hiring a Consultant

    Executives are faced with a conundrum when they are trying to decide on when and how to hire a consultant. There are typically 5 issues that nag an executive during this decision making process.  Those issues typically go along these lines:

    • Consultants are too expensive; especially the top tier consulting firms and they don’t get real, measureable value
    • Every professional who is unemployed or underemployed is a consultant until their next job and they don’t have the appropriate bandwidth; but they are cheap
    • Finding a consultant or consulting firm who is a cultural fit with the organization
    • Finding a consulting firm who has all the functional resources required for an entire project.
    • When to admit that we really can’t solve the problem ourselves

    …Read More

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  • Talent Management – Comp & Benefits – 7th in a Series

    In the Group50’s series of Talent Management Blogs, we defined “Talent Management” as a set of integrated organizational HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees. …Read More

    This entry was posted in Organizational Development, Talent Management, Weekend Thought, on February 13, 2016
  • Preparing for an Economic Downturn

    Preparing for a DownturnIn an article I wrote about writing your company’s chapter on 2016, I asked if your view was optimistic or pessimistic. The first couple of weeks of 2016 should have reigned in all of the optimists, unless you are one of the lucky few who have a business that is absolutely bullet proof, or you have completely forgotten what an economic downturn is like.It is already here. All of the companies and countries whose fortunes are tied to oil have cut back their capital spending by as much as 80%. In the United States alone, that amounts to over $90 billion in reduced spending in 2015 and the worst isn’t over. Middle Eastern companies have reduced their spending by similar amounts. Not included in that is …Read More

    This entry was posted in Strategy 5.0, Weekend Thought, on January 16, 2016

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