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Group50® Consulting’s Integration Assessment is a company wide diagnostic that is focused on the integrations opportunities that exist when combining two companies.   This assessment looks at the relative strengths and weaknesses of both the acquirer and the target company.  The relative strengths and weaknesses of both companies are compared to create an integration roadmap for the acquiring company.  The result will give stakeholders actionable recommendations focused on maximizing integration value and mitigating risk.  This assessment is designed to support a company’s investigation to the viability of acquiring another entity prior to the start of due diligence.


The Integration Assessment is comprised of a multi-day assessment.  The first part of the assessment is spent looking at the acquiring company and understanding the strategic objectives of its senior management team.  The balance of the assessment consists of looking closely at the target company and fully understanding its capabilities:  Business, business processes, culture and organizational strength.  From a large group of well-known companies that we have worked with, Group50 has compiled a set of key metrics, value drivers, and evaluations which provide insight to the following business functions’ capabilities, resources and risks:

  • Financial Strength and Viabiability
  • Strategic Planning and Alignment
  • Performance Management
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Service
  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Digital Technology and IT Infrastructure
  • Product Development and Engineering
  • Quality systems and Metrics
  • Intellectual Property
  • Organization:  Culture, Development, Succession Planning, Accountability

Group50 has developed a post merger integration playbook that details the required activities we look at in our assessment to successfully integrate an acquired company.

Go to post merger integration playbook

Length of Assessment:  Three or more days at the acquiring company and three to five days at the target company depending on the size of each business and the number of locations


Expected Results:  The Integration Assessment will provide an integration roadmap for the acquiring company that provides a set of recommendations that address initial integration needs and opportunities as well as long term integration activities.  Our report will highlight the strengths and weakness of both entities and provide visibility on current and potential problem areas which need corrective action.  


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