Foreign Company Business Expansion Into The United States

Foreign Company Business Expansion Into The United States

Business expansion into the US requires a well thought through planning and implementation methodology. It should be done with an in country planning partner. The following is a high level overview of our planning and implementation process that is comprised of four different phases. Though they follow a sequential progression, the client may choose to engage Group50® in any of the phases.

Phase-1: Discovery Process Once the initial Global Expansion Physical is completed, the discovery process begins. Group50 Global Management Consulting Firm offers the experience of a global and seasoned consulting team to assist your company in defining the strategy and tactics that best allocate resources to better compete and maximize profits.
This process is divided in six steps:

  • Business strategy assessment – identify management priorities
  • Agree on core-differentiaters
  • Look back to move forward
  • Market research
  • Re-define Value-Proposition
  • Strategic Alignment

Phase-2: Develop Concept and Goals Group50 services entail finding the most suitable sales channel or location for our clients; albeit for manufacturing, distribution, sales or services. We consider a number of critical factors, including physical location – country, state and/or city incentives for new businesses, and regional advantages in country.
Additionally, we look at economic zones that can be the easiest and most economically beneficial for our clients. Other factors we consider include proximity to potential key clients and/or distribution centers, availability of qualified personnel and/or outsourcing channels. Lastly, we look at Costs – including overhead and cost of doing business within selected regions. This phase is dividedin 5-steps:

  • Develop go-to-market strategies
  • Legal Review
  • In-Country Site Selection
  • Decide on best Sales Channels
  • Strategy review and refinement

Phase-3: Sales Growth and Process Optimization Group50 offers the expertise to develop and execute the most effective foreign sales growth strategy suited to your particular needs and aligned to your business goals. This process of implementation and validation is divided in 6-steps:

  • Legal Requirements
  • Evaluate best-fit sales channel models
  • Supply-chain assessment
  • Write Procedures
  • Identify KPI’s
  • Test top-sales channel model

Phase-4: Market Penetration Once the client’s operations in the desired locations are operating as expected and the market opportunities remain substantial, Group50 can assist the international entity to accelerate growth in that that market.
The team at Group50 will help your company train, implement, and monitor all the desired business activities that will ensure sales and market share growth. This phase is divided in 6-steps:

  • Define Organization Objectives and Metrics
  • Implementation of KPIs and dashboard management
  • Develop 30-90-365 plans for each manager
  • Train organization
  • Augment sales and marketing collateral
  • Evaluate the value of triangulation

Business expansion into any foreign country is a complex undertaking and should be done with the support of an in country planning partner. If your company is considering expand into markets the US, Group50 can help develop sound strategies and work with you throughout the implementation. You can request more information here, email us at, or call 909-949-9083.

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