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Six Sigma Leadership Workshop

Six Sigma Leadership Workshop for planning a Six Sigma program

Workshop Overview
Leaders of organizations beginning a Six Sigma Deployment participate to learn the fundamentals of Six Sigma, develop a portfolio of potential projects, select initial projects and charter them


  • Understand the key aspects of a Six Sigma deployment and expected results and how it is aligned with corporate strategy
  • Identify a portfolio of potential Six Sigma projects
  • Select initial projects and the Black Belts to lead them
  • Charter initial projects

Length of Workshop 2-3 days (may be broken into full or half day segments).

Who Should Attend
Leaders of organizations beginning a Six Sigma Deployment

  • Executive leadership
  • Leaders intended manage the Six Sigma Deployment
  • Leaders intending to sponsor projects

Participants Should Include

  • Key leaders of organizations beginning to implement Six Sigma
  • Black Belts who will lead chosen projects (participate in developing charters on last day of workshop)

Software Needed

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Expected Learning

  • How Six Sigma functions and results achieved by leading organizations
  • Using Six Sigma to realize strategic objectives
  • Selecting Black Belt candidates
  • Project selection and evaluation
  • Project Chartering
  • Managing the Six Sigma Deployment (including roles and responsibilities)
  • Identifying and tracking financial impact
  • Ongoing process management to sustain the gains

Participants will come away from the workshop with an understanding of how the Six Sigma deployment will function, their roles in a Six Sigma Program, a list of potential projects and a set of chosen projects, chartered and ready for execution.

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