Implementing A Successful Continuous Improvement Program

Implementing A Successful Continuous Improvement Program

Workshop Overview Organizations looking to implement a Continuous Improvement Program methodology will need guidance, training and support for their implementation activities. The workshop will provide attendees with fundamental tools and organizational concepts to implement the Continuous Improvement Program, educate team members in the basics of Lean and Six Sigma, demonstrate reporting methods, discuss implementation using real examples and provide the impetus to start the process.


  • Define keys to success in implementing a Continuous Improvement Program
  • Explain KPO/PMO structure and goal setting
  • Provide fundamentals of Lean Implementation, Six Sigma and templates for team use

Length of Workshop – Dependent on Continuous Improvement program goals and objectives

Who Should Attend

  • Organizations that have attended the Creating the Business Case for Continuous Improvement workshop and are ready to take the initial steps in implementing a strategic Continuous Improvement Program
  • Relevant attendees could include organizations that have attempted to start their own program and are experiencing some implementation or organizational inertia problems achieving the level of success they feel is necessary

Participants Should Include

  • Heads of relevant organizations for initial planning/overview module
  • Program Sponsor (Senior Leader) who will provide the empowerment to the teams and will attend starting and closing sessions to motivate the teams/organization
  • KPO/PMO officer and direct reports or those who will be responsible for the Continuous Improvement Program activities
  • Individuals from other functions tasked to support the change agent organization

Expected Learning

  • Establish goals and objectives of the Continuous Improvement Program
  • Develop the Continuous Improvement implementation roadmap
  • Identify required training methodologies for the designed program
  • How to provide just in time fundamental training, JIT, in the Continuous Improvement Program methodologies in modular form, customized to the teams participating:
    • Shop Floor Kaizen development training, 5+1 S and practice
    • Identify various kinds of waste
    • Creating simple, sensible data collection to track improvement starting from base line performance
    • 3P – Production Process Preparation Training
    • Tracking the gains
    • Total Productive Maintenance
    • Business process improvement approaches
    • Value stream mapping
    • How to choose initial projects
    • Demonstrate that Continuous Improvement Program techniques can be used for both shop floor and business process improvement activities
    • With examples as a guideline, provide level of confidence to teams

Conclusions The participants will have the fundamental structure in place and the tools needed to commence their Continuous Improvement Program, impact business performance and tracking results.

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