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Mexico Sourcing is part of good supply chain governance which questions the wisdom of sole sourcing products and components in order to reduce corporate risk.  Protectionist sentiments aside, it has long been known that near shoring, (producing product near the point of consumption) provides many strategic advantages including a higher level of responsiveness to changing market needs.   Now that Mexico is more cost effective than China in many industries (see Mexico the New China ) it makes sense to revisit the cost effectiveness of a company’s supply chain and the risks associated with its current configuration.

Group50’s Manufacturing and Distribution Practice has been actively finding suppliers in Mexico and other parts of Latin America for our clients for many years.  We have sourced consumer and medical products, components as well as set-up manufacturing operations throughout Mexico for our clients.  Finding new suppliers in a foreign country can be a daunting task, one of which we have mastered utilizing our multi-lingual sourcing experts.  Group50 has developed a database of companies and contacts at over 20 Economic Development Councils in Mexico that work with us to identify suppliers that our customers can utilize in their businesses.  We have spent years compiling these resources, so our clients don’t have to make that initial investment.

We have a proven process that guarantees privacy and protection of IP as we are speaking with potential suppliers on behalf of our clients.  Only when we are certain that a supplier is a fit with the project based on key performance variables will we take the next step of acquiring quotes.  This process allows client resources to focus on the day-to-day needs of their supply chain while taking advantage of Group50’s supply chain subject matter experts.

While preparing for next year’s strategic initiatives, now is the time to understand how you can make your supply chain more responsive and cost effective.  Group50 can help your team with:

  1. Make vs. Buy Analysis
  2. Supply Chain Effectiveness Assessment
  3. Supply Chain Optimization
  4. Other Global Initiatives

Find out more about how Group50 can help you identify high quality and cost effective suppliers through our Mexico Sourcing process by requesting more information here , sending an email to or calling us at (909) 949-9083

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