Information Technology Infrastructure Services

Historically, Information Technology Infrastructure has been viewed as a ‘cost center’ and IT Operations a ‘necessary evil’ because significant human and financial capital expenditures have been required maintain a functional system.  Over the past few years, middle market companies are beginning to realize that IT infrastructure can be used as a competitive advantage. 

Perhaps you are grappling with questions such as:

  1. Are we deriving the maximum value from our Information Technology infrastructure investmentsit? Should we preserve these investments?
  2. Do we have an opportunity to reduce the number of data centers and the associated capital expenditure? Can we reduce the number of centers by 40%-60%?  If so how and by when?
  3. Our power and cooling costs are almost half of our Total Cost of Ownership ? How can we reduce them?
  4. Have we invested in hardware and software licenses that are sparingly used?
  5. Have we done serious virtualization? Do we have a good cloud strategy?
  6. Does our enterprise network need a redesign?
  7. Does our Information Technology keep the company in step with market demand?
  8. Is our spend on Information Technology operations in line with our peers? Is there an opportunity to reduce it by 25% to 50%?
  9. Have we built or computing and network infrastructure with real-time business continuity in mind? Have we really tested it?  How quickly can we recover from a serious outage?

Information Technology Assessment

Group50 has a set of quick assessments that can help you answer these questions and craft a game plan to cost effectively address operating and strategic gaps. 

As with any strategic asset, IT infrastructure should be continuously gauged to ensure it effectively supports your business objectives.  Group50 can help you stay on track with a set of Balanced Scorecard KPIs that show executive management  what the company’s investment in infrastructure buys them in terms of customer  satisfaction, financial returns, business process improvement, incremental revenue and employee productivity.

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