Product Management Assessment

This Product Management Assessment focuses on the systems and practices that develop, deliver and manage world class products throughout their life cycle. During this assessment, we will review your current product management systems, resources and practices, compare them to best in class, and determine gaps in the company’s processes. The deliverable with be a set of short, medium and long term recommendations that will quickly realize results and set the stage for a scalable and sustainable product management process.


  • Define the gaps between existing product management processes and those required to deliver the Company’s business results
  • Benchmark against known companies who are known leaders in product management
  • Assess the status of the company’s current product management systems (or equivalent)
  • Complete a Gap Analysis of the company’s product management systems vs. Best in Class product management organizations.

Length of Assessment
(5-6 days) over a 3-4 week period

  • 1 day pre-work collecting data
  • 2-3 days on site interviewing the subject matter experts to determine current product management processes, procedures and systems and developing a process map, if it doesn’t currently exist
  • 1.0 day completing a Gap Analysis, prioritizing the results and write the final report
  • 0.5 day management report out and planning next steps

Focus of Assessment

  • Product management process
  • Product management skill sets
  • Product Platforms and Strategic Planning
  • Product Life Cycle Management (sales, service, support, disposal)
  • Product management tools utilized and their effectiveness
  • Configuration Management and Mass Customization
  • Project management
  • Relationship Maps: Management, Cross Functional, Customer
  • Performance Management, Expectations, Metrics

Expected Outcome
The Product Management Assessment final report will provide a detailed review of the existing product/portfolio management process: what is working and what requires attention. We will provide a gap analysis between the company’s current product management process and best in class along with short, medium and long term recommendations which will actionable by the company.

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