Digital Transformation Case Study – Inflection Point
  • Digital Transformation Case Study – Inflection Point


    $6M in annual savings, $15M in future cost avoidance, $2+M working capital reduction, 900% ROI


    A $300M per year in annual sales CPG company is experiencing significant growth and has hit an Inflection Point, where people, process, and technology were struggling to support the size of the business. The entire company, every function was using “brute force” to make things work. The company wants to increase sales by 50% in five years, but …Read More

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  • Case Study in Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning (SIOP) Process Improvement


    Situation Analysis

    A $400M per year consumer products company was experiencing problems with their Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning ( SIOP or S&OP ) process. Lead times for product were excessive and the supply chain wasn’t responsive enough to serve the needs of its markets. Inventory had swelled 25% to over $70M. This was due to their business processes not being able to …Read More

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  • Blockchain and IoT Strategy and Use Cases – Aviation


    It was a month ago that I did a Blockchain and IoT workshop with over 65 Aviation executives at the IAFS Planning Summit in Denver.  In that workshop, I discussed Blockchain and IoT applications in the Aviation Industry.  I did an informal pole and found that the average understanding of Blockchain and IoT amongst executives is …Read More

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  • Lean Techniques Improves Performance in Home Healthcare – Case Study


    This case study describes how a healthcare consulting team of process improvement experts, utilizing Lean Techniques, were able to help a home healthcare provider improve annual profitability by $900K, reduce overtime by 50%, increase productivity by 10% and increase revenue by 3%. …Read More

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  • Performance Improvement in Obstetrics – Case Study


    This medium sized community healthcare system in the mid-west believes in setting the bar high when it comes to the quality of care it provides for its patients. The system consistently receives high quality marks and was ranked among …Read More

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  • Does Your Business Have a Robust Social Networking Strategy?


    Every leadership team should be asking questions about their social networking strategy. They wonder how Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, CRM, Sales Force, Customer Portals, Websites, Blogs and other platforms can be utilized for business development purposes. We have been developing those thoughts at Group50 for the last 14+ years.  We have spoken with hundreds of companies, and have found a wide disparity between their efforts and the type of business they are in. Although not a formal study, our general findings are as follows: …Read More

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  • Case Study in Financial Services – Cash Management, Treasury Function

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    Case StudySituation Analysis: The cash desk of a Fortune 50 company processed 1,000 cash transfers per day and approximately $170B per year to its customers and vendors. Improperly executed wire transfers resulted in problems for the company and its customers. One such misstep was significant enough to get the attention of senior management. A team was assigned to correct these issues, and upon review, the team found:

    • No clearly defined processes
    • Low morale affected all team members who felt not recognized despite their constant efforts
    • Outdated tools and absence of metrics

    Project Approach and Findings: The team had limited time and resources available to do it right first time. The team decided to focus on several key elements: …Read More

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  • Restructuring A Large Manufacturing And Distribution Operation

    Turn around and RestructuringIn today’s manufacturing world speed and focus are the driving forces behind successful businesses. In the majority of non-defense related industries, customers have a myriad of options to choose from and they are quick to make changes when their profitability suffers from a poor performing supplier. This is especially true in consumer based products where every category of product has multiple vendors located around the world. It might take a few months for a product cycle to move to a new vendor, but once the decision has been made, the cost of reentry is prohibitive on both the top and bottom line. For the vendor and its executive team, when customers are …Read More

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  • Case Study On Protecting A Company’s Intellectual Property

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    protecting-intellectual-propertyYou are the CEO of a small company that has a retail product with patent rights. A very large department store chain sends one of your company’s products to China and begins buying a knock off from a Chinese manufacturer. When confronted by the company, the buyer tells you: “Your problem is with the Chinese manufacturer, not me, sue them”. How do you protect your rights, against customers or manufacturers who have very deep pockets, without losing all of their business and spending a huge sum of money? …Read More

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