Strategy Execution Consulting
Strategy Execution Consulting

Strategy Execution Consulting Services

90% of companies don’t effectively implement their corporate strategies. Effective Strategic Execution ™ requires mechanisms that constantly remind all stakeholders that they need to use the business strategy as the litmus test for everything they do, as well as spend an appropriate amount of time working on longer term projects. In many cases, employees tend to get so caught up in the day to day noise and strategy becomes something “we did 6 months ago”.

Strategic Execution Process

As we work on projects with our clients, we rigorously test our activities against the Business Hierarchy of Needs® developed by Group50 and applicable to any organization, industry or group.  Effective strategic execution requires the following:

  • Clearly defined strategies
  • Strategy elements, major objectives and performance objectives that have been assigned throughout the organization
  • People in the organization who have passion and ownership for the strategy
  • Stakeholders who understand what their role is in supporting the company’s strategy
  • Key Performance Indicators that demonstrate the company’s performance to the strategy
  • An appropriate tool to actively manage the strategic execution process and the results
Corporate Strategy Execution Consulting Company

Strategy Implementation and Alignment

At Group50, a strategic execution consulting company, we have developed methodologies and tools for implementing a strategic execution process that provide clearly defined strategies, accountability and real time management. We work with our clients to provide organizational alignment to their strategies, integration of those strategies across the organization, and optimization of business processes and organizations to assure maximum strategic performance. Supporting our strategic execution practices, wee have well established consulting practices in the following areas:
We don’t leave strategic execution to chance. Our approach follows the Business Hierarchy of Needs®, a model of what it takes to implement a culture of strategic execution. at (909) 949-9083, send an email at, or request additional information about strategic execution consulting services here.
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