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Strategic ExecutionTM is a major focus for senior leadership teams and a majority of companies are unhappy with their strategic execution process because 90% of them don’t effectively implement their strategies. In today’s complex business environments keeping a handle on all the moving parts is a daunting task. Our cloud based strategic execution tool, Cascade allows senior leadership to have a strategic execution system that provides real time status reporting, communications with objective owners, KPI reporting and dashboards that allow leaders to manage the strategic and performance processes in their: The right mix of accountability and engagement.

Effectively executing strategy has 5 major components;

  • Clear articulation of the company’s strategy
  • Yearly tactical objectives that support the strategy
  • Setting team based objectives
  • Alignment
  • Monitoring performance to objectives and KPI’s on a real-time basis

Group50 consultants use a strategic planning and execution framework and supporting methodologies to guide senior leadership teams through all 5 components. We will work with a team to define the company’s unique strategic roadmap and successfully implement it.

An important part of successful strategic execution is an enabling tool for alignment and monitoring. Our choice of tools is Cascade, a cloud based solution for connecting teams and individual employees to strategy and objectives. The following short video provides some insight on how this system works.

screenshot-trackCascade provides powerful dashboards for senior management to monitor performance at a high level utilizing the latest tools and charts. The system provides multiple views by function and teams, along with the ability to drill down to the individual or team status of any objective.

PlannerScreenShotCascade allows a leadership team to implement a strategic management process, stay on top of the implementation of their strategic objectives and quickly address shortcomings in execution and performance.

TrackerScreenShotIn a one hour WebEx, we can show you how we work with companies to implement a strategic execution process that will significantly improve the implementation of strategy and elevate organizational performance, employee engagement and financial results.

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Find out why companies such as Visa, Unicef, City of South Perth, and many other companies, non-profits, government agencies and NGO’s are using Cascade around the globe. You can call us at (909) -949-9083, email us at or request more information here.

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You can read more about how the use of Cascade can be expanded to include employee evaluations for the purpose of aligning cultural and performance objectives to strategy here.

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