Ask Our Experts

Ask Our Experts

Ask Our Experts is Group50’s proprietary system for allowing people who have a specific issue they need help with find answers and insights to those issues from vetted experts.

For Inquisitors,
Ask Our Experts allows business professional like your self to anonymously gain access to world class experts in specific categories of expertise. Categories you choose when submitting your question. Our consultants and carefully selected strategic partners are available to provide their insight to any business question you might have. Ask Our Experts is only focused on business issues. If you want to know about a problem with your car, don’t come here, but, if you want to know about a problem you are having with managing your fleet, then it is likely we have a logistics expert who can provide some insight into that problem. When you do receive an answer to a question, you can be assured that the answer comes only from someone who has some knowledge about your issue(s), not from someone who is hanging around the internet looking for a place to impress people, like other Q&A systems.

Group50 has taken great pains to provide an environment for inquisitors where you can ask a question and not worry about your name, your company or your issue being available for everyone on the Internet to see. Here are some things you should know about Group50’s Ask Our Experts:

Know more about ask your expert:
  • Administration
    • Legal
    • Financial
    • Contract Resources
    • Business Processes
    • business Intelligence
  • Information Technology/Data Management
    • Systems/MRP/ERP
    • Hardware
    • Cloud
    • Risk
  • Strategy
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Life Cycle Management
    • Restructuring
    • Mergers and acquisition
    • Global Initiatives
    • Exit and Transition Planning
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
    • Management
    • Supply Chain
    • Purchasing
    • Distribution
    • Quality
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Shop Floor
  • Human Capital
    • Human Resources
    • Performance Mangement
    • Organizational Development
    • Employee Relations
    • Restructuring
    • Compliance
  • Market Effectiveness
    • Sales
    • Product Management
    • Marketing
    • Customer Service
    • Engineering
  • When you ask a question, your identify and your company is not known to the expert(s) who are participating in answering your question. They only know what you share with them.
  • As an anonymous participant, the amount of engagement with an expert is totally up to you. You can close a question any time you like and be done.
  • No-one else on the system or on the internet can participate in or see your discussion with our experts.
  • Because we have structured Ask Our Experts by business categories, you might see answers from multiple experts. Multiple category selection allows you to get answers from different angles and engage experts in a variety of disciplines.
  • Every member of Ask Our Experts has signed a non-disclosure agreement with Group50
  • The system is completely anonymous until you, as an Inquisitor, decide to request the contact information of an expert for more in-depth discussions.
Still interested? Group50’s Ask Our Experts is free for the time being, so you can check it out and let us know what you think. You can register here.
For Experts, If you believe that you have an area of expertise that would be of value to Group50 and our inquisitors, you can go here and provide us with as much background on your expertise as possible. We will warn you in advance that our vetting criteria is very stringent.

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