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Group50® provides seasoned consultants, advisers, interim executives and board members:  Trusted resources who have spent their careers in corporate America and who have worked at every level and in every function.  Our strength is Global Manufacturing and Distribution and clients in other industries such as healthcare, big data, telecom, technology, retail and non-profits. have found the methodologies and tools we use to be of great value to them as well, because we have the skills to identify strategies and tactics that can leverage the intersection of people, process and technology.

Our clients tend to be middle market companies or divisions of larger companies with annual sales between $50M and $750M. Recently, the CFO of a publicly traded middle market company offered this about Group50’s services:

“Thank you for being such a tremendous value add to me, the Company and the many colleagues that use you as a valuable resource.  You have the strongest of references here.  I look forward to doing more work together”

Projects we have planned and implemented range from the board room to the stock room and we work hand in hand with our clients ensuring that when we leave, they are capable of carrying on without us.   

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