Creating The Business Case For Continuous Improvement Workshop

Workshop Overview Prior to launching a Continuous Improvement Program, a new initiative or implementing a new system, it is critical to identify the business needs and enable senior leaders to create a business case. This workshop will review how to structure the program, identify key stakeholders, define expected results, and identify the different types of tools and techniques applicable to the initiative.


  • Provide a compelling argument for implementing a continuous improvement program
  • Set the key parameters for continuous improvement
  • Planning the initiative
  • Identifying the costs and expected ROI

Length of Workshop: 4 – 8 hours

Who Should Attend Organizations that feel the urgent and/or important need to make changes in their business processes with a focus on improving competitiveness and financial performance, but have not been able to:

  • Engage their teams in a successful actionable course of actions
  • Accelerate change upon take-off
  • To sustain the desired change

Participants Should Include

  • Senior Leaders/Head of the organization driving change
  • Key change agents
  • Managers who want to embark on a continuous improvement program

Expected Learning

  • Establishing leadership commitment
  • Identify business needs including the Voice of Customer that create a need to implement change
  • Creating a shared need and framing it as more than just a short term initiative
  • Identify Stakeholders cross functionally and even outside of the business
  • Identify processes that matter to these business needs (These processes may relate to eliminating waste, reducing response time, and simplifying process or product design.)
  • Creating a business case, having the customers in mind
  • Framing the problem and goal statements, identifying threats and opportunities
  • Voice of Customers, Promoter Score

Conclusions Participants will come away from the workshop with the ability to identify the key elements of creating a business case for a continuous improvement program and the ability to be able to identify the costs and expected ROI.

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