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Digital Supply Chain Technology Consulting

Digital Supply Chain Technology Consulting


  “Today’s supply chains are run by digital backbones. The digital supply chain requires investments in technology and IT infrastructure which are strategic assets that define a company’s ability to effectively compete in its marketplace. Most companies struggle to leverage those investments into lower cost, higher levels of productivity, lower working capital requirements and improved sales.  Group50 helps companies optimize their digital supply chain to improve all performance metrics.”

As a strategic asset, digital supply chains require:

  • Optimized digital technology and infrastructure
  • Properly designed business processes
  • New organization structures
  • Integration with customers, logistics companies, factories, machines and suppliers

The digital supply chain is complex because of the number of components that make it up.  Infrastructure, software systems and components, OMNI Channel systems all need to be scalable and sustainable and these are only a few of the challenges. Middle market companies often find themselves stymied by a patchwork quilt of systems that have been bolted together as a result of their growth and piecemeal strategies. In many cases they need a transformation.

At Group50, our supply chain and digital technology subject matter experts focus on leveraging digital supply chain assets at the intersection of people, process and technology. We take a holistic approach to optimizing digital supply chains which includes the integration of systems that are operated by customers, consumers, the company, logistics companies and suppliers, as well as the strategic needs of the business.  Our subject matter expertise in these areas include:

All of these areas need to be integrated into one optimized solution to maintain a competitive advantage. One of the key elements is Business – IT Alignment with a company’s business strategy and the development of an appropriate supply chain technology roadmap. These technologies and their supporting architecture must be both scalable and sustainable and given the rate of change of technology, scalability of the fundamental building blocks is more critical today than ever.

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Group50’s Digital Technology assessments and workshops, which are part of our Company Physical® help you systematically arrive at the right decisions and implementation roadmap(s). We pull together the right mix of  of seasoned IT professionals, business process owners and vendors to understand the current state, develop a roadmap to the future state and support its’ implementation

To contact a Group50 Digital Supply Chain expert, call (909) 949-9083, send an email to or request more information here.

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