Industry 4.0 – IoE, Automation and Systems Integration

Industry 4.0 is all about the digitalization of industry. In simple terms, Industry 4.0 is the meshing of computers and automation in an entirely new way. It is where machines, devices, sensors and people are connected and communicate to each other. Machines and sensors collect information, store it in a common data layer and through the appropriate analytics, communicate actions to other machines and humans in ways that are both predictive and prescriptive. This collection of people, machines, devices, computing systems, analytics and the cloud is what we call the Internet of Everything or IoE.

The available choices to senior leaders in manufacturing and distribution is accelerating at a far faster rate than business, business processes, organizations and people can adapt to these new technologies. The benefits, cost of implementation and failure can be enormous, therefore it is in the best interest of stakeholders to be diligent about the Industry 4.0 business strategy(ies) a company creates. Those strategies need a clear roadmap and they need to be sustainable and scalable. For most companies, it is nearly impossible to have that expertise on staff and they need to rely on subject matter experts who are focused on the results, not specific pieces of technology and vendors: preferably from one firm.

At Group50, we have put together a team of cross-functional Industry 4.0 subject matter experts who have deep automation and systems integration experience. They have assessment tools, IoE libraries and technology partners at their fingertips and their mission is to stay on top of IoE and the plethora of available choices. Group50 has created IoE libraries for specific industry verticals such as highly automated factories, assembly systems, logistics, distribution, food processing, agriculture, Information Technology and others. We have created Industry 4.0 assessments that clearly define the current state and the opportunities available to create a more cost effective future state. We take the results of the assessment(s) and facilitate cross functional workshops that help a team design and plan the most cost-effective approach with the highest ROI.

At Group50 we have assembled a team and a 5-step process that is capable of

  1. Assessing the current state against Industry 4.0 standards
  2. Identifying strategic and operating gaps to those standards
  3. Working with your team to create an implementation roadmap and understand the ROI
  4. Designing and building automation
  5. Modeling and simulating our recommendations
  6. Integrating recommended machines, sensors and devices into existing systems architecture
  7. Organizational design and development and implementing the appropriate change management strategy(ies)
  8. Creating the analytics platform(s) with our IoE partners
  9. Program and project managing the entire project from start to finish

Talk to a Group50 Industry 4.0 expert about how you can take advantage of our 5-step process for how your company can move toward Industry 4.0, today by calling (909) 949-9083, sending a note to or requesting more information here.

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