Business-IT Alignment Services

While all middle market companies recognize that Digital Technology and IT infrastructure can be strategic assets, many struggle to translate investments in these areas into lower cost, higher productivity, and improved sales.  The reason is often a misalignment between business and IT objectives and resources.  Group50 Business-IT Alignment services synchronize IT goals, resources, services and products with the Business to provide tangible productivity and savings.  Our major focus areas include:

  • Understand TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership ) models for your Digital Technology and Information Technology Infrastructure.   While most companies understand how much they pay for a license or band width, they don’t know how much total cost is required to operate it, or how much effort is required by people who use ti, or how much time is lost due to operating issues.
  • Identify Cost Take Out Targets – Hardware, Software, Vendors. Eliminate Waste, and Redundancy  and institute Demand and Lifecycle Management)  includes deciding what you are not going
  • Portfolio Rationalization – Determine which IT Systems, Hardware, Software, and Vendors are directional i.e. align with strategic goals and which should be eliminated.  Remember a good strategy includes deciding what you are not going to do.  Feed the Directional and starve the Eliminate.
  • Technology and Process Innovation – Group 50 consultants leverage customer journey maps, value stream mapping and lean six sigma techniques  to identify ways in which business process re-engineering, analytics, and mobility can revolutionize how IT helps your company meets its strategic goals.  . 
  • Risk Management – Many high availability architectures and disaster recovery plans are built around critical hardware and software systems.  This is often an expensive proposition, yet leaves the possibility of incidents where individual systems stay functional, yet business services are disrupted because of an unforeseen weakness in the process and data flow between systems. Group50 helps you retool your availability and disaster recovery plans and practices centered on critical business flows rather than systems.

Contact us at (703) 201-3936, or send us an email at or to learn more about our Business-IT Alignment services.

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