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Strategic Alignment


Strategy alignment is about creating an environment where a company’s organization design, resources, goals and objectives are tied to the company’s strategic objectives.  It is about your organization’s ability to understand their roles in achieving strategic objectives. Alignment to your strategic objectives is the first step in establishing a culture of strategic execution and moving towards higher levels of performance. Organizational alignment to a company’s strategic imperatives requires the following:

  • Clearly articulated strategy and tactics
  • Understanding the strategic and operating gaps of the organization
  • Detailed Strategic Roadmaps that deals with identified strategic gaps and operating gaps
  • The right organizational design
  • Engagement of teams and employees
  • Accountability to performance objectives
  • A clear understanding of how everyone contributes to achieving the company’s strategic objectives

A company’s vision, mission, cultural and leadership objectives, and business strategies must be crystal clear and tied together. All stakeholders {employees, contractors, suppliers and temps} need to know how they contribute to the achievement of these objectives and how they are going to be held accountable to these objectives.  This requires effective performance management systems. That is the essence of moving your organization to higher levels of performance.

Group50® has developed various frameworks, methodologies, assessments and workshops to help client organizations get the needs of the business clearly defined and cascaded throughout the organization creating organizational alignment. Enabling tools such as Cascade help them implement a strategic execution process that measures the performance of teams and individual employees and provide the necessary feedback to them and to leadership teams. Check out some or our recent projects here.

One of the first steps to consider is a Performance Management Assessment which provides clients with a complete understanding of strategic alignment, strategic gaps, operating gaps and supporting systems.

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