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Group50’s core expertise is Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain consulting.  That set of activities that start with raw materials and finish with a completed product in the customers’ hands.  For companies who embark on a Lean Manufacturing journey, it is critical to engage a consulting firm who can support the journey from start to finish. At Group50, we have subject matter experts who understand the investigation, design and implementation of lean manufacturing and supply chain programs.  They understand the change management process required to successfully implement lean programs that are scalable and sustainable.

Companies who embark on implementing Lean Manufacturing and Lean Supply Chains can typically expect double digit reductions in cost, 50% reductions in total inventory and 50+% improvements in quality.


Lean is used to describe organizations, business processes and functions such as manufacturing, distribution and supply chains that have a minimal amount of waste and maximum responsiveness.    Lean organizations and businesses exhibit minimal waste in the following 8 areas:

  1. Transportation and movement
  2. Inventory
  3. Motion
  4. Waiting
  5. Overproduction
  6. Over-Processing of components
  7. Defects in products, services and business processes
  8. Human resource


These 8 categories of effort can be applied anywhere in a business, but manufacturing, distribution and supply chains who focus on these areas of waste have the lowest cost, shortest lead times, highest quality and highly skilled people.  Implementing Lean Manufacturing addresses these 8 categories of waste. It requires utilizing the proper tools and methodologies for identifying the areas of waste inside a company that will generate the maximum ROI by addressing strategic and operating gaps. We utilize tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Financial Modeling, Spaghetti Diagrams, Workflow analysis, Supply Chain Modeling, Six Sigma Tools and techniques such as the DMAIC process and many others to identify and root out wasted effort.


After the recommendations are completed, we work closely with our clients to redesign business processes, work cells, plant layouts, supply chains, distribution processes and techniques as well as the Digital and IT systems that support the end-to-end set of activities from raw material to delivery of finished goods to the customer. All recommendations are based on the company’s Business Hierarchy of Needs® to ensure that they support the company’s Most Important Goal and its business strategies as well as close strategic gaps and operating gaps. We also ensure that when our work is completed, the organization is capable of moving forward on its own.


Call us today for a Lean Business Assessment or a Lean Manufacturing Assessment to understand your opportunities for significantly reducing waste, maximizing value and financial performance by calling (909) 949-9083, sending a note to info@group50.com, or by requesting more information here.



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