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Operations Company Physical

Operations Company Physical

Every successful business has process excellence as one of their objectives. Group50’s Company Physical® consists of process assessments that provide insights to the performance of key cross-functional processes. Each Company Physical® is based on best practices we have learned from our professional careers and from the many clients we have worked with. In each assessment, we will review the quality of the process, the skill levels of the employees in that process, the effectiveness of the process steps and the focus of the process on supporting the company’s strategic objectives and effective performance measurement. The assessment report will include a gap analysis and a series of short, medium and long term recommendations for significantly improving the process.

Group50® has developed assessments in the following business, operational and product management areas:

Business Performance
Business Assessment A multi-day audit that focuses on the strengths and weaknesses, possible risks and opportunities that exist inside a company’s operations
Effective Strategic Execution This assessment is focused on a company’s strategic execution effectiveness. Strategic Execution encompasses multiple business processes which include strategic planning, cascading strategic objectives throughout the organization and performance management. 90% of companies don’t effectively implement strategy and our assessment will identify the execution gaps that exist inside the company and make recommendations on how to significantly improve strategic performance.
Lean Business Physical Here we focus on the overall business performance against over 200 critical attributes. In this assessment we look at the Key Performance Indicators for every functional area in the business, strategy and its execution, performance to objectives and identify key operating and strategic gaps.
Data Acquisition and Management This assessment examines how well your organization acquires and manages critical business information with a benchmark to global best practices. It is based on the “what gets measured gets managed” principle and starts with an assessment of the key performance indicators required to implement the company’s business strategies. The final report will provide the senior leadership team with a thorough understand of the strategic and operating gaps in the data acquisition and management process.
Foreign Operations Business Assessment The Foreign Operations Business Assessment is comprised of a multi-day assessment of where the operations stands as a business entity by evaluating its current capabilities, resources and plans used to sustain strong profitable growth from both a tactical and strategic perspective.
Exit Plan and Transition Readiness For Privately Held Companies Privately held companies face a challenge when the owner or founder wants to transition out or into another role. This audit focuses on the needs of the company to assure continuity and sustainability after that transition.
Operational Effectiveness
Lean Manufacturing Manufacturing and supply chain performance dictates a company’s success. The ability to be responsive, have high quality and low cost significantly impacts a company’s financial performance and their customers. In today’s global enterprises, lean manufacturing and supply chain tools and techniques have changed dramatically, yet many companies aren’t aware of “what is possible”. In this assessment, we will look closely at a company’s supply chain and identify how it performs against global best practices with a focus on speed, quality, cost and sustainability. We will also look closely at how well positioned the supply chain is to support the company’s Strategic Objectives.
Supply Chain Effectiveness This assessment examines how effective your company’s supply chain is in acquiring materials, moving them through your required value added processes and delivering them to your customers. It also looks at the ability of the current systems and organization to deliver required business results. The report will provide a gap analysis of the supply chain with a perspective to responsiveness, best practices, scalability and sustainability.
Quality Management Effectiveness This assessment examines how fully your organization has implemented quality philosophy throughout the development process from concept to catalog and within the key supply chain functions. We assess maturity against 20 specific practices associated with high customer satisfaction resulting from excellent product and service quality,
Continuous Improvement Companies that have continuous improvement programs often find them languishing or not producing expected results. In this audit, we look at leadership, communications, skill levels and applications of the various continuous improvement tools such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, etc. and provide a roadmap for accelerating the results and making your program sustainable.
Distribution Assessment The Distribution Assessment is designed to be a multi-day assessment of operational improvement opportunities and risk in distribution. This assessment will look at the key functional processes and provide interested parties with a high level overview of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) that exist inside the distribution function in a company.
Market Effectiveness
Market Effectiveness Market Effectiveness isn’t just about Marketing and Sales. It is about a business practice that is focused on properly defining, planning, developing, managing the product portfolio, marketing and selling products and services. This assessment looks at all aspects of effectively delivering product to the marketplace that is relevant, profitable and produces revenues throughout its entire lifecycle.
Sales Force Effectiveness The Sales Force Effectiveness assessment examines how effectively you are utilizing various sales factors to bring your products and services to market. We take a three pronged approach including analyses of the structure of your selling organization, products and services, and customers. We examine your Organization’s current performance systems and how they support your company’s strategy and goals. Finally, we create a roadmap to deliver key improvements.
Product Development Product development is the single most important function a business must perform well. However, many companies, manufacturers and service providers alike struggle to link business strategy with effective product or service development. Yet a few standout companies have found ways to cross this divide and create robust and regular pipelines of successful products that drive superior business performance, growth, and profitability. The product development audit will assess the current process against best practices and provide recommendations for significantly improving it.
Product Management Product Portfolio Management is a critical business function capable of delivering strategic value for companies that make the investment. The function of Product Management covers the entire life cycle of a company’s product: concept, development, testing, launch, marketing, etc. The strategic value of having this entire life cycle managed seamlessly is significant. The Product Management Assessment is designed to identify how well your product management process, tools, techniques and skills are serving your business and identify the opportunities your company has to significantly improve this critical process.
Protecting a Company’s Intellectual Property Most companies do a good job of protecting their IP through patents and trademarks, but fall short of protecting valuable information through their everyday business practices. This assessment reviews all the process areas in a company where IP can leak out and provides recommendations on how to eliminate those leaks.

Any company can find out what their strengths and weaknesses are inside their key strategic processes. We will provide a series of recommendations for the company to align them to the overall strategic objectives of the company. Through our workshops, we will engage the company’s leadership to develop tactics that vastly improve performance with a focus on the needs of the internal or external customer, repeatability, quality and best practices from around the world.

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You can also see the assessments associated with our organizational design practice here.

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