Protecting Intellectual Property Audit

A company’s Intellectual Property (IP) is one of its possessions that differentiates it from the competition. Most companies focus on protecting their IP with patents and trademarks, but don’t have an integrated plan on how to protect all of their IP from leaking out through its other business processes. Group50’s IP audit reviews business processes and practices to identify areas where companies can be more proactive and thereby be in a better position to protect their IP.


  • Identify all the various forms of the Company’s IP
  • Review existing procedures for IP protection
  • Identify gaps in IP protection
  • Make recommendations to the company on how to improve IP protection

Length of Audit
1 – 2 days per location

Focus of Audit

  • Effectiveness of existing procedures for protecting IP
  • Company IP in all forms
  • Purchasing systems
  • Employee engagement practices
  • Marketing and Sales activities
  • Engineering
  • Plant visits
  • Other business processes practices that require dissemination of information


  • Data review
  • Interviews
  • Process reviews

The Assessment report will provide a view of how the company does in protecting its Intellectual Property and provide a gap analysis of their protection program. The report recommendations will provide the company with recommendations on how to modify current business practices to more closely protect valuable IP from getting in the hands of customers, competitors, employees and suppliers who may intentionally or inadvertently disburse this IP to other organizations.

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