Lean Business Physical

The lean business physical is a multi-day audit of a company’s processes that focuses on Speed, Quality, Cost and Productivity. In this audit, we will look at a company’s business processes and manufacturing processes (if applicable) with a focus on identifying waste in those processes and areas where a company can implement tools to increase value, decrease time to market, reduce waste, lower cost while increasing product and process quality, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, capital productivity and customer service.


  • Identify opportunities inside the company to improve the performance of business processes and the productivity of financial and human capital
  • Identify tools and techniques that will provide leaders with the ability to monitor the performance of key business processes
  • Review the techniques used for performance management

Length of Audit:
1 to 3 days


  • Interviews with managers and key employees
  • Financial performance over time
  • Review of key performance indicators, corrective actions systems, business process integrity
  • Test of business processes and plans against strategic needs
  • Analysis of organizational development

Participants Will Include

  • Senior leaders
  • Key business process owners

Expected Recommendation Outcomes:

  • Business needs prioritization
  • Prioritize process improvements that have the most impact on the company’s strategic objectives
  • Setting performance objectives, KPI
  • Identification of waste in the organization
  • Short – medium – long term recommendations for planning purposes
  • Areas of focus to improve plant and business operations

The lean business physical is focused on identifying opportunities for improving a business’s productivity throughout its operations. The final report will outline a set of recommendations that are designed to optimize the performance and reliability of business processes and also make recommendations on how to set-up appropriate metrics for monitoring performance and continuing to improve results.

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Lean Business Physical

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