Supply Chain Technology

Digital supply chain technology is experiencing a high rate of change as new systems are created, updated and integrated. The challenge for supply chain and digital technology professionals is how to choose and implement the right set of technologies for their company’s strategic needs. It is necessary to develop a building block approach that is designed to scale with the company’s growth and be flexible enough to easily accept new systems and technology as they present themselves. The Digital Supply Chain Architecture below shows a fully implemented structure which is built around a core ERP system. This structure is layered to show the key cross-functional elements of a digital supply chain: 

  • Core business support servicing the company’s basic business needs.
  • Production/Services management focused on the key products and services the company offers to its customers.
  • Customer focused Service systems that are required in today’s marketplace.
  • Supply Demand Management providing the marketplace with products and services close to demand.
  • Inter-Organizational Collaboration are the systems that collect and access data for decision making, provenance, chain of custody, etc.

It takes significant amounts of time and investment to do a complete implementation and most companies don’t need the entire structure at the outset, but as they grow, more of these components are needed. Some industries such as food, aerospace, healthcare and others will require more robust Inter-Organizational Collaboration and as blockchain and IoT become more prominent these systems will become more important in the digital supply chain architecture.

Today’s lean enterprises don’t have the subject matter experts on each of these layers, systems and technologies on staff and need to work with outside subject matter experts in order to develop and implement the appropriate digital supply chain architecture.

Group50 provides companies with the subject matter experts to work with them as the evolve the architecture that best suites their needs: for their business and their marketplace. Our methodology is designed to:

  • Create a fully documented current state architecture.
  • Develop the strategic needs of the company and its marketplace.
  • Identify operating and strategic gaps.
  • Develop a future state and supporting roadmap.
  • Identify and design the required workflow and business process changes.
  • Change Management
  • Organization design
  • Work with the client to implement the future state roadmap.

Group50’s Digital Technology assessments and workshops, which are part of our Company Physical® help you systematically arrive at the right decisions and implementation roadmap(s). We pull together the right mix of seasoned supply chain and IT professionals, business process owners and vendors to understand the current state, develop a roadmap to the future state, and plan its’ implementation.

Group50® has developed a supply chain playbook that can be used by supply chain professionals to identify the activities that will provide the highest and most immediate ROI.

Go to Group50’s Supply Chain Playbook

To contact a Group50 Digital Supply Chain expert, call (909) 949-9083, send an email to or request more information here.


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