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Company Physical

Company Physical

Companies audit their financials every year, but most companies don’t have an audit plan for the other 7 business processes that are just as critical to the company’s success. These business processes have regulatory, financial and performance requirements and are material to the business. They need to be timely, cost effective, reliable, scalable and sustainable.

Group50 has assessments and workshops for each of these critical business processes. Of course, every business has unique needs and there are many other business processes that companies also need to be great at. Group50’s Company Physical® contains additional assessments that will tell leaders how processes such as HR practices, Quality Management, Continuous Improvement, etc. can be be seen at:

In each assessment, we will review the effectiveness of each process from a lean business perspective and look at the following:

  • Process effectiveness and risks
  • Support of corporate objectives and strategies
  • Quality
  • Timeliness
  • Employee skill level
  • Systematization and existence of shadow systems
  • Total Cost

The assessment report will include an operating and strategic gap analysis and a series of short, medium and long term recommendations for significantly improving the audited process.

Once an assessment has been done, Clients can take advantage of our planning and implementation workshops in various different functional and operational areas.   The workshops are designed to address the findings of an assessment, but in many cases can be stand alone.  Depending on the requirement, a workshop may include developing a business case, creating a cost model, developing a detailed roadmap or project schedule as well as training on specific operational tools. 


You shouldn’t consider a Company Physical® if you can fully dismiss each one of the following questions:

  • Can you definitively say that each one of these are compliant and the best they can be?
  • Are there any of these processes that you and your peers believe could be significantly better?
  • Does each leader in your business have a plan for improving the performance of the process they own?

To find out more about our Company Physical®, call (909) 949-9083, send an email to or request more information here.

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