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Six Sigma Black Belt Workshop for Manufacturing

A unique program for implementing Six Sigma

Workshop Overview
Six Sigma Black Belt candidates participate in this workshop to learn the skills of a Black Belt while applying them to a leading a project selected and approved by their leadership. Project team members who complete the workshop will receive Green Belt certification and be ready to lead future projects.


  • Understand the key aspects of a Six Sigma deployment and expected results and how it is aligned with corporate strategy
  • Learn and execute the DMAIC phases (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)
  • Choose the appropriate tools for their project and successfully apply those tools
  • Document the results through each DMAIC phase
  • Coordinate successful implementation of solutions and confirm financial impact

Length of Workshop 4 weeks (taken one week at a time, typically separated by 4-6 weeks). Between workshop weeks participants will receive coaching as agreed to guide implementation.

Who Should Attend
Black Belt candidates from organizations committed to achieving significant operational improvement

  • Candidates should be chosen from those most capable (often “high potential” people)
  • Candidates should have a fully chartered and approved project
  • Candidates should have 2-3 other team members identified and approved (more to be added as needed).

Participants Should Include

  • Candidates charged with executing a Six Sigma project
  • Leaders of those candidates (typically as an audit)
  • Project team members

Software Needed

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • DOE software TBD (Minitab, or possible Excel)

Expected Learning

  • How Six Sigma functions and results achieved by leading organizations
  • Project selection and evaluation
  • How to document and understand the current state in terms of internal and external criteria (business and customer)
  • Selection and application of various tools (statistical and other) to surface opportunities and root causes
  • How to comprehensively document the applications and discoveries for the chosen project
  • How to develop multiple solution alternatives, evaluating them and choosing the best
  • Creating an implementation plan
  • Identifying and tracking financial impact
  • Development of team members to become future Black Belts
  • On-going process management to sustain the gains

Participants will come away from the workshop with the ability to execute a Six Sigma project, choosing and applying the appropriate analytical tools and management skills. After successfully completing their project and presenting results to leadership, participants will receive a certificate, certifying them as a Six Sigma Black Belt. Project team members who have participated in the full workshop and in the implementation of the project(s) will receive Green Belts and be positioned to acquire their Black Belt in the next workshop or upon working with our certified trainer in the implementation of a Six Sigma project

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