Data Center and Cloud Services

A McKinsey article on IT as a Service observed:

“Middle market companies have been leading cloud adoptions.  The rate and velocity of adoption continues to grow, shrinking the investments in traditionalized and virtual environments on-premise.”

 CIO of a highly successful middle market client company specializing in data analytics told us that their extensive leverage of the major cloud providers.  During the conversation he also reflected on how cost effective this was for the company.  He went on to describe how the cloud’s primary benefit of supporting elastic workloads is rarely recognized.  Cloud resources once acquired are rarely released, and the anticipated cost advantages rapidly dwindle. Are some workloads better supported in-house in the company’s own data center?  Are we simply relocating unmanaged demand from the data center to the cloud?  These questions are on the minds of nearly all CIO s and CTO s today.

Perhaps your computing infrastructure resides in your own data center, in one or many cloud services, or in all of the above.  The same is probably true of the software systems that support your business operations.

Group50’s experienced team can help you:

  1. Assess your workloads to determine which is best suited to reside in the cloud and which is better on-premise.
  2. Compare the cloud provider(s) or data center alternatives that best meet your needs
  3. Plan and implement migrations to and retirements from the cloud.
  4. Prepare your playbook for operations in a hybrid multi-cloud, data center environment, with a coherent set of monitoring, release management, and problem management processes and tools.
  5. Forecast and plan for your capacity needs in-house and externally.
  6. Architect higher availability and faster disaster recovery with the cloud.

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