Products and Services Ideation Workshop

Products and Services Ideation Workshop


Product Ideation is a process used to identify the future roadmap for products and services in your served markets i.e. “What is Possible”. It is focused on developing ideas about products, services, markets, competition and end users.  In this workshop, you generate ideas and solutions through a series of work sessions such as Guided Thinking, Brainstorming, “6 Hat Thinking”, “It Won’t Work” and a wealth of other ideation techniques. Ideation is the front-end activity for creating your product roadmap which is a significant part of your business strategy. During this workshop, you will quickly assess your Market Effectiveness, develop ideas on future product needs, identify gaps in the marketplace and competitive offerings, create a long list of potential ideas and narrow those ideas to a succinct list with the highest possible ROI.


  • Define and clearly state the “problem to solve, the solution to find or the issue to resolve” in your served markets
  • Gather the baseline data that will allow the session to move forward in a realistic manner
  • Utilize a series of tools to create a list of potential ideas
  • Converge/narrow the list to the potential best ideas while not discarding other ideas
  • Apply data, benchmarking, best in class ideas and knowledge of where your company is to create an action plan to move forward
  • Develop a series of measures and metrics to track your progress

Length of Workshop 2-4 days

The range in time is dependent on the amount of pre-work available and completed as well as the breadth of the product portfolios

  • ½ – day pre-work collecting data and assembling team
  • 1 – 2 days Training on Ideation and working through the sessions
  • 5 – 1 day completing a prioritized list and an action plan

Who Should Attend

  • Product design leaders, product managers, C-Suite leaders, marketing, sales (inside and outside the company), industry experts, futurists. engineering/technology experts, customers, intermediaries
  • Organization leaders who will be responsible for ensuring the success of the plan(s).

Expected Learning/Outcomes

  • Understanding the process and outcomes of utilizing an Ideation/Creation component in their Design Process
  • Prioritized list of the projects/ideas with the highest potential to differentiate the company in the marketplace
  • Communication Plan to share process, milestone/progress and outcomes.


At the end of the Product Ideation workshop, the participants will have a fuller understanding of their served markets, their Market Effectiveness and a clear direction on the products and services roadmap that will significantly differentiate them in the market place.

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