Sales and Operations Planning

The Sales and Operations Planning process is about turning strategy into revenue and is critical to the success of any supply chain.  It is a process that binds together the various functions that support the effective planning and delivery of products and services to your customers.  Done well, Sales and Operations Planning will have a positive impact on every key performance indicator in the business.  Any part of the process done poorly will decouple the entire supply chain, negatively affecting the Voice of the Customer and financial performance.

Sales and Operations Planning

Group50 specializes in working with clients to develop effective Sales and Operations Planning processes that are focused on the critical performance aspects of the business.  An effective process will reduce the required working capital in the business while delivering a high service level to customers and increased revenues.  It will also tie together the planning efforts of Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Operations, Supply Chain and Vendors, requiring that their objectives are all met.

Our Sales and Operations Planning services include:

  1. Assessments of current process effectiveness
  2. Development of effective Sales and Operations Planning models
  3. Integration of models into existing business processes
  4. Establishment of critical KPI’s to measure Sales and Operations Planning effectiveness
  5. Providing workshops to develop integration roadmaps, implementation and the delivery of training to users

Group50 consultants have experience with running the supply chain for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100.  Each company’s Sales and Operations Planning approach is dictated by its’ served markets, financial needs and service level objectives.  Our consultants understand how people, process and technology affect Sales and Operations Planning systems and focus their recommendations on  optimizing all three.

Group50 has developed a supply chain playbook that can be used by supply chain professionals to identify the activities that will provide the highest and most immediate ROI.

Go to Group50’s Supply Chain Playbook

You can find out more about Group50’s Sales and Operations Planning services by calling (909) 949-9083, emailing or requesting more information here.

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