Mass Customization

Mass Customization And Configuration Management

90% of companies offering configurable products and services often experience serious operational issues which include inefficiency, organizational frustration, poor on-time delivery metrics to customer expectations, sales and dealer confusion, all resulting in lower financial performance. These companies often believe that these inefficiencies are “a cost of doing business.” Product configuration significantly impacts every functional area in a business. Mass customization is about producing unique, configurable customer orders with the same efficiency as a mass produced product or service. It’s about being able to efficiently offer customers greater variety and choice through previously rationalized options and providing guidance about how those options may be recomposed into customer order configurations.

You may be looking for ways to:

  • Respond to more bids in a shorter lead time (configure-price-quote)
  • Properly set your customer’s expectations about what you can offer
  • Increase your order “win” rate
  • Acquire build able orders into the order backlog more quickly
  • Process your orders more efficiently through order administration and operations
  • Ensure you understand your order configuration profit potential before you accept an order
  • Dramatically reduce the Engineering content per order configuration
  • Free up Engineering resources to work on new products and enhancements for existing products rather than being limited to supporting order demand
  • Reduce Engineering errors that affect downstream supply chain and operations efforts
  • Smooth the production flow and eliminate production delays due to missing parts
  • Get more capacity out of the same physical assets

At Group50, we have developed methodologies and tools for implementing mass customization that provide clearly defined strategies, accountability and superior execution control. We work with our clients to provide organizational alignment to their mass customization strategies, support integration of those strategies across the organization, and optimize business processes and organizations to assure optimal performance.

We don’t leave execution to chance. Our approach follows our Business Hierarchy of Needs. Contact our office at (909) 949-9083, send an email to, request additional information about mass customization here, or pick up a copy of the book on Mass Customization written by one of Group50’s consultants.

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