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Market Effectiveness ™ is about how well you service your marketplace and your customers. It includes strategy, product development, marketing, sales and portfolio management: That horizontal business process that includes all of your functional activities from ideation to sales.   How you create products and services, how you market, sell and service them, and how you manage the product revenue lifecycle make or break many companies. Planning, measuring and managing market effectiveness is the most important activity in every enterprise. It drives profitable growth and differentiation in the market place. Companies with high scores for Market Effectiveness actively manage strategies and tactics for the processes shown below.

Market Effectiveness Consulting Firm
Market Effectiveness is more than just Marketing and Sales… Much more!

Group50 offers a unique approach helping companies excel at Market Effectiveness and overcome the marketplace challenges that companies face. We know that both what you sell and where your products and services lie in the product life cycle drives the approaches to your markets and your customers. Introducing additional products and moving through the product life cycle revenue model (which most product managers don’t understand) demands a new perspective on product and portfolio management. It also demands a level of customer intimacy that most companies don’t have.

Our consultants have the skills and experience to translate Market Effectiveness best practices into profitable and sustainable growth. We have worked with companies of all sizes across many different industries and know about Market Effectiveness approaches in companies such as Black & Decker, Avery Dennison, Trojan Battery, Procter and Gamble, Rain Bird and many others. We understand Product Management, specialize in new product introduction and fixing new product programs that have gone awry. You can see some of the projects we have worked on here.

Group50 has put together a series of assessments and workshops that will provide you and our leadership team with more insight to your Market Effectiveness. Some of those include but aren’t limited to:

You can also read more about Market Effectiveness topics on our blog here and you can see how your Market Effectiveness stacks up against companies we have benchmarked by taking a short (5-7 minute) Market Effectiveness Self-assessment.  To get more information about our Market Effectiveness practice, email us at, request more information here or contact us at +1 (909)-949-9083

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