Organization Effectiveness and Design Assessment


The Organization Assessment and Design Process allows a Company to assess and diagnose organizational strengths and opportunities and then design the right changes to improve business results. OAD provides a method for assessing the current state of an organization, compare these findings with both “best in class” organizations and a desired “future state” and finally to create a plan to achieve the desired design.

The OAD Process can be utilized to assess and design a small sub-set of a company (Department or Function) or to create a complete re-structure of a multi-location corporation. The process works the same, but the time to gather and analyse the data, to create a holistic approach, and to gain consensus will be greater.


  • Understand how the current organization is organized, what is viewed as success, how various systems operate, what strategies are being followed, what results are delivered, the company’s Most Important Goal, and to understand the culture.
  • Determine an ideal future state for this organization based on current needs and strategic needs.
  • Define the gaps between the existing and future state.
  • Create a plan to deliver the optimal future state and in turn the Company’s business results.

Length of Process

This is totally dependent on the scale and scope of the project.  However, the steps are very similar;

  • Requires a vertical slice of the organization to complete with several in person meetings
  • Data Collection and Validation
  • Assessment and validation of current systems via interviews and audits (Subject Matter Experts)
  • Validation of current systems with Leadership and Key Stakeholders
  • Team to create design of future state, strategy to achieve, resources required, prediction of results and statement of culture
  • Validation of future systems and design with Stakeholders
  • Capacity and Capability check.
    • Will new Design deliver the expected/required?
    • What resources are required to deliver the New Design? Skills, Training, Tools, People.
  • Create action plan complete with review process and measure to ensure delivery.
  • Create a Communication Plan to share process, milestone/progress and outcomes

Focus of Assessment and Design

  • Talent Management Process
  • Employee Practices
  • Skills/Learning Maps
  • Performance Management/Evaluation systems
  • Cultural and Change Management systems
  • Balanced Scorecard (Financial, Employee, Community, Sustainability, etc.)
  • Goals and Plans for each Department/Function
  • Vision, Mission, Values, Leadership Traits alignment and utilization
  • Diversity and Inclusion programs


  • Data review
  • Interviews – Leadership, Stakeholders, Board, and others as appropriate
  • Audits of existing Systems, Policies and Procedures
  • OAD Process
  • Culture and Change Management processes


The output is a report covering:

  • Summary of current organizational gaps – Current and Future Requirements
  • Skills requirements – Learning Map
  • Capability of existing resources, measures, culture, expectations, strategies, etc.
  • Desired Future State – People and Organization Design for each area
  • Roadmap: Plan and Requirements to achieve the Future State
  • Measures/Metrics and Review Process to ensure completion

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