Digital Technology Consulting Practice

Digital Technology Consulting Practice

Digital technology consulting, a form of management consulting is a holistic approach to understanding how digital technology addresses the unique challenges businesses face in their served markets. It is focused on helping companies leverage their technology and data in the quest of value creation and achievement of their strategic objectives. Leadership teams who do not understand this will struggle to remain competitive and relevant.

We provide leadership teams with strategies and tactics that will improve the effectiveness of their business on both the top and bottom lines across the entire business ecosystem. Top tier digital technology consulting firms have the resources, methodologies and capabilities to work with clients to address the wide range of business processes, services and products a company manages. As such, we are able to work on projects that vary in complexity such as:

  1. Strategy and Planning
  2. Technology sourcing and implementation
  3. Technology optimization
  4. Data Analytics
  5. The application of Artificial Technology – AI
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Blockchain and IoT
  8. Digital Marketing – OMNI Channel
  9. Digital transformation

We start our projects utilizing our Digital Technology Assessment to lay the groundwork for businesses to use technology to streamline workflows, increase productivity throughout the company, improve customer experience, lower manual errors, and speed up decision-making processes.  

Digital technology firms, such as Group50® who also have a management consulting practice are most effective. The combination of both practices allows us to work with our clients to take our recommendations and implement them across the company. Success includes not only making recommended changes to digital technology but also includes change management, business process reengineering, value stream mapping, organizational structure and design, as well as other needs. Most digital transformations fail because companies do not take into account all of these needs when implementing their digital technology strategy. 

Group50® Consulting’s Digital Technology Consulting Practice excels in the application of technology in manufacturing and distribution companies. The following links will provide you with insight on our approach to leveraging digital technology:

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Digital Technology Assessment
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP systems
  4. Digital supply chain technology
  5. Infrastructure services
  6. Business-IT Alignment
  7. Information Technology – Total Cost of Ownership
  8. Market Effectiveness technologies – Market facing activities
  9. Automation and industrial transformation
  10. Data Center and Cloud Services
  11. Blockchain
  12. Internet of Things (IOT) technology

To talk to a Group50® Digital Technology subject matter expert, call (909) 949-9083, drop us a line at, or request more information here.

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