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Group50®, a Continuous Improvement Consulting firm specializes in Continuous Improvement and Business Process Optimization. Continuous Improvement is often thought of as a cultural mindset of incremental process improvements that are focused on optimizing a business. Our Continuous Improvement program roadmap is focused on projects that make a difference to company performance and is guided by our change management framework called the Business Hierarchy of Needs ®.

Designing the right Continuous Improvement program requires an understanding of Continuous Improvement maturity of the company as shown below:

It also requires an understanding of the Most Important Goal of the company, its strategic objectives, the business life cycle, developing a plan and selecting the right tools and methods.

The sequence Group50® follows typically consists of the following elements.

  • Assessing Continuous Improvement Maturity
  • Building a business case for Continuous Improvement
  • Identifying Continuous Improvement projects that support the company’s Most important Goal
  • Creating an implementation plan that is based on the company’s unique Business Hierarchy of Needs®
  • Defining the appropriate methods, tools and training
  • Designing the management review process

Utilizing Continuous Improvement tools at the business process level requires that you know which tools are required for each of the 7 business processes you live or die by. Group50’s Continuous Improvement consultants know when to use tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma, 5S and Kaizen and others for the purposes of redesigning workflows and measuring performance.  We provide a full complement of training programs that are customized for the specific needs of each client and come with a perpetual internal use license. Our consultants are especially skilled in Manufacturing, Distribution and Services businesses.

We work closely with senior leadership to design the Continuous Improvement program. It takes planning, alignment, training, time and patience. These five elements are part of an effective change management plan must be done in the proper sequence, support the strategic objectives of the company and it requires the commitment of senior leadership.

Continuous Process Improvement Consultants

Group50’s Process Improvement Consultants understand the process for developing and sustaining a Continuous Improvement program as a result of implementing them in large and small companies, and in every functional area in a business: Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Distribution and Finance.

In order to help clients understand Continuous Improvement and to help them assess where their current programs stand, we have created a series of assessments and workshops:

Many companies have Six Sigma as part of their strategic plans and continuous improvement program. Group50 offers a unique approach to implementing Six Sigma which requires a fully developed change management plan, typically starting with a leadership workshop designed to think through and design a Six Sigma program. Our workshops are focused on developing certified Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts by implementing projects that arise from the leadership workshop. This approach provides immediate payback to the business as a result of implementing projects through these workshops.

We have written many articles on the topic of Continuous Improvement, and you can view them here. Our specialty is working with clients through the implementation of programs to assure that every employee has the right understanding and skills to sustain the program after we leave.  

To find out more, give us a call a call at (909) 949-9083 to discuss your Continuous Improvement needs, drop us a note at or request more information here.



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